Board of Directors


Chairman and Interim Chief Executive Officer - John M. Gilligan - President and Chief Operating Officer, Schafer Corporation

Chief Operating Officer - Steven J. Spano - Brig. Gen., USAF (Ret.), President, CIS

Secretary - Deirdre O'Callaghan - Chief Counsel, CIS

Treasurer - Karen S. Evans - Partner, KE&T Partners, LLC


Jack Arthur - Executive Vice President, Octo Consulting Group

Michael Assante - ICS Director, SANS Institute

Dr. Ramon Barquin - President and Chief Executive Officer, Barquin International

Jane Holl Lute - Board Member, CIS

Bruce Moulton - Board Member, CIS

Alan Paller - Founder and Director of Research, SANS Institute

Franklin Reeder - Co-Founder, CIS

Richard C. Schaeffer Jr. - Advisor, Riverbank Associates, LLC

Phil Venables - Managing Director and Chief Information Risk Officer, Goldman Sachs & Co.