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Customer Needs and Expectations The focus of the Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 release is performance and scalability. The benchmarking results presented here demonstrate that we have addressed the following concerns: The eCommerce landscape is changing, and merchants must provide customers with an online shopping experience that meets their performance expectations As merchants grow their businesses and increasingly larger enterprise merchants are adopting Magento, Magento Enterprise Edition must scale to handle increased traffic volume and larger catalogs Magento's Plan We identified the following areas for enhancement in Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13: Improve indexing for catalogs of all sizes Make re-indexing operations invisible to the shopper by executing them in the background Improve full page caching support Reduce page load times for key shopping flows (checkout) Enable merchants to serve heavier traffic volume without need to purchase additional hardware What Magento Accomplished Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 delivers the following improvements over Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12: Incremental re-indexing has been introduced with Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13, and scenarios where full-re-indexing was required have been limited. This means that operations that previously took hours can now be completed in minutes 53% improvement in completion times for a full re-index with a 500,000 SKU catalog 35% improvement in “Place Order” performance 65% improvement in page load times across shopper flow pages that were tested. 33% improvement in orders per day that can be processed on the same hardware configuration as Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12 31% improvement in page views per day supported on the same hardware configuration on Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12

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