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Available via CIS SecureSuite Membership, our automated build kits make it fast and easy to configure your systems in accordance with a CIS Benchmark.

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For Windows: Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Azure Compute Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Azure Compute Microsoft Windows Server 2022
Microsoft Intune for Office
Microsoft Intune for Windows 10
Microsoft Intune for Windows 11
Microsoft Office Enterprise (Microsoft Office 2016, 2019, 2021 LTSC and 365 Apps)
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 EMS Gateway
Microsoft Windows 10 Stand-alone
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 2012
Microsoft Windows 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows 2016
Microsoft Windows 2016 STIG
Microsoft Windows 2019
Microsoft Windows 2019 STIG
Microsoft Windows 2022

For Linux: shell scripts

Aliyun Linux 2
Amazon Linux 2
Amazon Linux 2023
CentOS Linux 7
CentOS Linux 8
Debian Family Linux
Debian Linux 10
Debian Linux 11
Fedora Linux 19
Fedora Linux 28
Oracle Linux 7
Oracle Linux 8
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
Ubuntu Linux 20.04
Ubuntu Linux 22.04

For Apple and Other Microsoft Products:

Apple iOS and iPadOS 15
Apple iOS and iPadOS 16
Apple macOS 11
Apple macOS 12
Apple macOS 13
Apple macOS 14
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox 102 ESR

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