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CIS Benchmarks Update: Where is Windows Server 2016?

2016 was an awesome year for the CIS Windows community. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation from our community members, we have been able to roll out major updates for several CIS Security Benchmarks. The Windows editor team has been hard at work reviewing every service for each of the Windows operating systems currently supported by CIS Security Benchmarks. By combing through all services and their dependencies, the community has been identifying ways to improve overall security by disabling legacy services and services which have associated risks. Have an idea to share? Join the discussion here.

This project began before the release of Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Since then, our goal has remained the same: to complete this services update for older Windows operating systems and prepare for the release of Windows Server 2016. Over the past year, we’ve been preparing for this release by aligning existing benchmarks so new content is easier to implement. In tandem, we’ve been working with the CIS Windows community to migrate their content to the beta version of our new CIS Community platform.

“What new platform?”, you might be asking. For the past couple of years, CIS developers have been hard at work creating an updated, more user-friendly CIS Community platform. We expect this new platform to be fully live by the end of January, and hope to migrate the Windows and Linux communities early in the process. Finally, we’ve been actively working to map Linux and Windows Security Benchmarks to the CIS Controls - look for more on this project in January.

All of these endeavors have made excellent progress, but have pushed the anticipated Windows Server 2016 release by a few months. We plan initiate the Windows Server 2016 Security Benchmarks community at the end of January 2017, with a targeted release near the end of Q1 2017. Finally – a major “thank you!” to the entire Windows community and the CIS Security Benchmarks community as a whole for your expert contributions and lively participation – without your cooperation, our Security Benchmarks would not be the collaborative guidance of which we are so proud. A special thanks is also due to our Windows editor team for their continued efforts.

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