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MS-ISAC State Government Members

Alabama - Alabama Fusion Center
Alabama - Department of Revenue
Alabama - Office of the Secretary of State
Alabama - State of Alabama
Alaska - Alaska Information and Analysis Center
Alaska - Division of Elections
Alaska - State of Alaska
Arizona - Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
Arizona - Department of Agriculture
Arizona - Department of Revenue
Arizona - Office of the Secretary of State
Arizona - State of Arizona
Arkansas - Arkansas State Fusion Center
Arkansas - Office of the Secretary of State
Arkansas - State of Arkansas
California - California State Threat Assessment Center
California - Department of Transportation
California - Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center
California - Northern California Regional Intelligence Fusion Center
California - Office of Emergency Services
California - Office of the Secretary of State
California - Orange County Intelligence Assessment Fusion Center
California - San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center
California - State of California
California - Victim Compensation and Government Claims Boards
Colorado - Office of the Secretary of State
Colorado - State of Colorado
Connecticut - Office of the Secretary of State
Connecticut - State of Connecticut
Delaware - Delaware Information and Analysis Center
Delaware - Office of the State Election Commissioner
Delaware - State of Delaware
District of Columbia - National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium
Florida - Agency for Health Care Administration
Florida - Central Florida Intelligence Exchange
Florida - Department of Children and Families
Florida - Department of Education
Florida - Department of Health
Florida - Department of Law Enforcement
Florida - Department of Management Services
Florida - Department of State
Florida - Florida Fusion Center
Florida - Northwood Shared Resource Center
Florida - Southeast Florida Fusion Center
Florida - Southwood Shared Resource Center
Florida - State of Florida
Georgia - Office of the Secretary of State
Georgia - State of Georgia
Guam - Mariana Regional Fusion Center
Hawaii - Hawaii State Fusion Center
Hawaii - State Office of Elections
Hawaii - State of Hawaii
Idaho - Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center
Idaho - Office of the Secretary of State
Idaho - State of Idaho
Illinois - Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center
Illinois - State Board of Elections
Illinois - State of Illinois
Indiana - Department of Homeland Security
Indiana - Department of Revenue
Indiana - Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center
Indiana - Office of the Secretary of State
Indiana - State of Indiana
Iowa - Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division
Iowa - Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center
Iowa - Office of the Secretary of State
Iowa - State of Iowa
Kansas - Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center
Kansas - Office of the Secretary of State
Kansas - State of Kansas
Kentucky - Commonwealth of Kentucky
Kentucky - Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center
Kentucky - Kentucky State Board of Elections
Louisiana - Department of Public Safety
Louisiana - Department of Revenue
Louisiana - Louisiana State Analytical & Fusion Exchange
Louisiana - Office of the Secretary of State
Louisiana - State of Louisiana
Maine - Maine Information and Analysis Center
Maine - Office of the Secretary of State
Maine - State of Maine
Maryland - Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center
Maryland - State Board of Elections
Maryland - State of Maryland
Massachusetts - Boston Regional Intelligence Center
Massachusetts - Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Massachusetts - Massachusetts Commonwealth Fusion Center
Massachusetts - Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
Massachusetts - State Police
Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General
Michigan - Bureau of Elections
Michigan - Michigan Intelligence Operations Center
Michigan - State Police
Michigan - State of Michigan
Minnesota - Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Minnesota - Minnesota Fusion Center
Minnesota - Office of the Secretary of State
Minnesota - State of Minnesota
Mississippi - Mississippi Analysis and Information Center
Mississippi - Office of the Secretary of State
Mississippi - State of Mississippi
Missouri - Kansas City Regional Fusion Center
Missouri - Missouri Information Analysis Center
Missouri - Office of State Courts Administrator
Missouri - Office of the Secretary of State
Missouri - St Louis Fusion Center
Missouri - State Highway Patrol
Missouri - State of Missouri
Montana - Montana Analysis and Technical Information Center
Montana - Office of the Secretary of State
Montana - State of Montana
Nebraska - Office of the Secretary of State
Nebraska - State of Nebraska
Nevada - Office of the Secretary of State
Nevada - Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center
Nevada - State of Nevada
New Hampshire - Department of Safety
New Hampshire - New Hampshire Information and Analysis Center
New Hampshire - Office of the Secretary of State
New Hampshire - State of New Hampshire
New Jersey - Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness
New Jersey - Office of the Secretary of State
New Jersey - State of New Jersey
New Mexico - Department of Cultural Affairs
New Mexico - Department of Public Safety
New Mexico - Department of Workforce Solutions
New Mexico - New Mexico All Source Intelligence Center
New Mexico - Office of the Secretary of State
New Mexico - State of New Mexico
New York - Department of Civil Service
New York - Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
New York - Department of Financial Services
New York - Department of Health - Labs
New York - Department of Health - Main
New York - Department of Transportation
New York - Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York - Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
New York - Energy Research and Development Authority
New York - Executive Chamber
New York - New York State Board of Elections
New York - New York State Intelligence Center
New York - Office For Information Technology Services
New York - Office for Prevention of Domestic Violence
New York - Office of Cyber Security - Division of NYS DHSES
New York - Office of General Service
New York - Office of Mental Health
New York - Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation
New York - Office of Victim Services
New York - Office of the Attorney General
New York - Office of the Governor
New York - Racing & Wagering Board
New York - State Education Department
New York - State Insurance Fund
New York - State Police
New York - State of New York
New York - Tax Department
North Carolina - North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center
North Carolina - North Carolina State Board of Elections
North Carolina - Office of the Secretary of State
North Carolina - State of North Carolina
North Dakota - Department of Financial Institutions
North Dakota - Office of the Secretary of State
North Dakota - State of North Dakota
Ohio - Department of Public Safety
Ohio - Office of the Secretary of State
Ohio - Ohio Statewide Terrorism Analysis and Crime Center
Ohio - State of Ohio
Oklahoma - Oklahoma Information Fusion Center
Oklahoma - Oklahoma State Election Board
Oklahoma - State of Oklahoma
Oregon - Office of the Secretary of State
Oregon - State of Oregon
Pennsylvania - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania - Department of State
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center
Rhode Island - Department of State
Rhode Island - Rhode Island State Fusion Center
Rhode Island - State Board of Elections
Rhode Island - State of Rhode Island
South Carolina - South Carolina Information and Intelligence Center
South Carolina - South Carolina State Election Commission
South Carolina - State of South Carolina
South Dakota - Office of the Secretary of State
South Dakota - South Dakota Fusion Center
South Dakota - State of South Dakota
Tennessee - State of Tennessee
Tennessee - Tennessee Division of Elections
Tennessee - Tennessee Fusion Center
Texas - Austin Regional Intelligence Center
Texas - Dallas Fusion Center
Texas - Department of Public Safety
Texas - Fort Worth Intelligence Exchange
Texas - North Texas Fusion Center
Texas - Office of the Secretary of State
Texas - Southwest Texas Fusion Center
Texas - State of Texas
Utah - Lieutenant Governor Elections
Utah - State of Utah
Utah - Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center
Vermont - Department of Information and Innovation
Vermont - Office of the Secretary of State
Vermont - State of Vermont
Virginia - Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia - Information Technologies Agency
Virginia - Northern Virginia Regional Intelligence Center
Virginia - Virginia Department of Elections
Virginia - Virginia Fusion Center
Washington - Attorney General's Office
Washington - Office of the Secretary of State
Washington - State Fusion Center
Washington - State of Washington
West Virginia - Office of the Secretary of State
West Virginia - State of West Virginia
West Virginia - West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center
Wisconsin - Department of Administration
Wisconsin - State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Elections Commission
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Statewide Information Center
Wyoming - Department of Education
Wyoming - Office of the Secretary of State
Wyoming - State of Wyoming
Wyoming - Wyoming Information Analysis Team

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