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CIS Benchmarks are the only consensus-developed security configuration recommendations both created and trusted by a global community of IT security professionals from academia, government, and industry.

Community Driven Security Guidelines

There are over 12,000 professionals in the CIS Benchmarks communities. Creating CIS Benchmark recommendations requires a wide variety of skills. If you have expertise in risk, security, compliance, or technology and a collaborative spirit, you’re just the kind of person we’re looking for.


Volunteer Roles

There are multiple volunteer roles to learn about in the CIS Benchmarks Community. Here are the roles we’re currently looking for:

  • Technical and Security Subject Matter Expert (SME) – This role is perfect for individuals with expertise in a given technology family and/or in broad security issues and system interactions.
  • Technical Writer – Individuals with strong writing and proofreading skills are always valued in this role.
  • Tester – Have access to network devices or specialized hardware? Testers often review and comment on technical details of the open discussions or tickets on a particular CIS Benchmark.

To contact us about volunteering, please email [email protected]

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South Wales, UK
Member since 2006

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Texas, USA
Member since 2000

Washington, USA
Member since 2015

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"The greatest strength in 'Security' is 'Community.' Participation in the communities that create the CIS Benchmarks not only makes for better Benchmarks, as we all bring our unique perspectives and knowledge to the group, but it also strengthens us as individuals. Old ideas are challenged, new ideas are introduced, and the merits of several perspectives come together to help define 'what is security?'” - Linux CIS Benchmark Community Participant