CIS Benchmarks Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy Hidy Wilson


More than 9,000 members of the CIS Benchmarks™ Community have developed and updated CIS Benchmarks for over 150 technologies. Our latest community interview is with CIS Benchmarks™ volunteer Nancy Hidy Wilson.

CIS values all of the volunteers who work hard to make sure the CIS Benchmarks and CIS Controls™ reflect a global knowledge base of the latest known cyber threats from IT professionals. This consensus process ensures CIS remains the objective, referenced standard for cybersecurity resources in industry, government, and academia.

CIS: When did you become a member of the CIS Benchmark Community?

Nancy: I joined the CIS Benchmarks Community in December 2012 as an editor. I had previously been active in the SQL Server forum providing CIS Benchmarks recommendations for more than a year.

CIS: What was your last project for the CIS Benchmarks?

Nancy: I retired from my full-time job in July 2017, but I continued working on the CIS Benchmarks for SQL Server until June 2018. My final project was reviewing SQL Server 2017 for recommendations that should be added, deleted, or modified for that new CIS Benchmark version.

CIS: What do you think is the best thing about the CIS Benchmarks?

Nancy: The best thing is the consensus development of recommendations which draws on the experience and expertise of the world-wide technology community. The CIS Benchmarks give technologists a place to start when evaluating the security needed for their systems. The guidance provided can be especially helpful for those who are not experts in a technology, for example, the “accidental” Database Administrator.


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