Episode 75: How GenAI Continues to Reshape Cybersecurity

In episode 75 of Cybersecurity Where You Are, co-hosts Sean Atkinson and Tony Sager discuss how generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) continues to reshape cybersecurity. They begin by using Episodes 48, 49, and 56 to consider the ongoing impact of GenAI on confidence, trust, and consistency as elements of a mature cybersecurity program. After reflecting on how confidence has shaped the work of the Center for Internet Security® (CIS®) more generally, Sean and Tony conclude by revisiting the verification challenge of GenAI.




  • Episode 48: 3 Trends to Watch in the Cybersecurity Industry
  • Episode 49: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity = Minutes 26:00 and 31:00
  • Episode 56: Cybersecurity Risks and Rewards of LLMs = Minute 8:00
  • The LLM Misinformation Problem I Was Not Expecting
  • Episode 44: A Zero Trust Framework Knows No End
  • Defining "Reasonable" Security with a Risk Assessment Method

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