Vendor Selection Criteria

This is an example of potential vendor selection criteria. The majority of items listed under “Business Requirements” and “Vendor Requirements” will be incorporated into most selection criteria, however, the CIS CyberMarket team reserves the right to modify requirements for each potential opportunity.

Business Requirements

  • Ordering and delivery process is uncomplicated for end user
  • Ability to take purchase order as method of payment
  • Price affords a significant savings for customer and is competitive with lowest known price formally offered
  • Senior level point of contact is provided to work with the CIS CyberMarket team

Product Requirements

  • Has proven ability to improve cyber security posture
  • Product specification requirements will be added as necessary by internal/external SMEs (ex. size, capacity, ability to work with multiple systems, etc.)

Vendor Requirements

  • Company is recognized by leading industry analysts as having proven expertise for current product
  • Provide at least 3 references by customers of similar deal size for us to contact
  • Has existing government, education, and non-profit customer base
  • Is a manufacturer or value-added reseller of the product

The CIS CyberMarket team reserves the right to choose products and vendors based on customer need, ability to improve national cyber posture, and cost-savings.

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