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The CIS Security Best Practices for Non-Voting Election Technology provides cybersecurity recommendations for supporting election technology.

The CIS team attended Oracle OpenWorld 2019 in San Francisco where we were announced as one of only ten launch partners for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure!

Since 2001, CIS has grown to support a wide range of products and services. Learn what it’s like to be a Product Support Team Manager at CIS.

Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) share tips and advice for finance industry CISOs to help improve their cyber defense.

Join CIS at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco on September 16-19 for the latest in cybersecurity and the cloud.

Leverage CIS-CAT Pro’s tagging features and reduced process time for better cyber defenses.

Learn how the CIS Controls and related tools can help organization s around the world build an “on-ramp” to better cyber defenses.

Learn how DMARC email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol can help protect an organization from experiencing a phishing attack.

Our hardworking CIS Controls team has released a new guide to help teleworkers and small offices implement cybersecurity best practices.

Learn how CIS resources can help your organization achieve PCI DSS compliance.

In July 2019, the top 10 malware activity accounted for 66% of total malware activity, a 3% increase over June. Cerber and Brambul activity returned.

Learn how the CIS Benchmarks community developed configuration guidelines for Debian Linux 8 & 9, and how those recommendations are applied in the cloud.

The malware variants comprising the Top 10 Malware list for August 2019 saw the same many of the same variants from the previous month with two exceptions

Learn how your organization can leverage CIS Build Kits to quickly implement secure configurations, limiting your organization’s cyber vulnerabilities.

From conducting assessments or evaluating risk, an Information Security Senior Auditor uses analytical skills and a collaborative nature to get the job done.

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