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CIS Hardened Images are now built on Shielded VMs in Google Cloud for added security and ease of use.

Implementation Groups (IGs) are introduced in CIS Controls V7.1 They are a new prioritization for the CIS Controls, at the Sub-Control level.

Here are six reasons cloud infrastructure makes sense for organizations interested in leveraging modern security solutions and flexible computing power.

Standards in SCAP 2.0 can help achieve true security automation and improved security business practices by integrating support into products.

Learn what a day in the life of a Principal Software Engineer is like at CIS.

CIS SecureSuite Members have access to new features in CIS-CAT Pro Assessor 3.0.56 and 4.0.4, including security updates and updated profile text.

The MS-ISAC® observed a 13% increase in total malware activity from January 2019 to February 2019 which made up 67% of total malware notifications sent.

It takes three steps and a little customization to create a hardened OS using the CIS Benchmarks secure baseline with CIS SecureSuite.

Hear from the prominent women who work at CIS and support our mission on a daily basis as they give career advice for women in tech.

The CIS Controls Mobile Companion Guide helps organizations implement security best practices for phones, tablets, and mobile apps.

Learn how every IT team can benefit from implementing golden images with a secure baseline using features included in CIS SecureSuite.

The CIS Controls V7.1 Implementation Groups help organizations with varying resources, expertise, and risk exposure implement security best practices.

Our Stakeholder Engagement team works diligently to build relationships, educate members, and help entities improve their cybersecurity posture.

CIS CSAT and CIS RAM are two powerful tools for helping organizations assess cyber risks and improve their security posture.

In January 2019, the top 10 malware activity increased 61% from December 2018. This made up 52% of notifications sent, a decrease of 10% from December 2018.

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