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9/12/2018 State Tech Magazine Utah CISO Phil Bates discusses Utah’s partnership with MS-ISAC to improve cybersecurity of the state’s

9/8/2018 GovTech Auditors and CIS President & COO Steve Spano discuss the merits of CIS Risk Assessment (CIS RAM) and the CIS Controls to

8/19/2018 Times Union CIS President & COO mentions CIS’ growth one of the reasons a second New York office is being

8/16/2018 Reuters Elections officials and CIS Executive Chairman John Gilligan discuss how greater us of Albert software in is helping to improve

8/10/2018 InfoSecurity Magazine Article discusses a CIS’ references to a Tripwire study which offers advice on the importance of good cyber

7/24/2018 StateScoop Christopher Krebs, the Homeland Security undersecretary in charge of cybersecurity programs, credits CIS’ EI-ISAC for many

7/12/2018 State Tech Magazine Article quotes Andrew Dolan, CIS’ Director of Stakeholder Engagement at the Multi-State Information Sharing and

7/4/2018 IT World Canada Blog suggests Canada infosec leaders should follow the UK’s example on minimum cyber security standards, including the

6/12/2018 Williamson Source Williamson County Administrator of Elections Chad Gray and the Williamson County Election Commission announces how the

6/11/2018 StateScoop Multiple sources are quoted in this article discussing how local governments working with MS-ISAC is saving them money in

5/17/2018 Security Boulevard Blog touts the benefits of using the CIS Controls to boost cyber

5/5/2018 Fast Company John Gilligan, CIS Chief Executive, discusses US election security and CIS’ A Handbook for Elections Infrastructure

5/1/2018 Atlantic Journal Constitution Ryan Spelman, Senior Director, Business Development, was quoted on cybersecurity insurance Without cyber

4/1/2018 Realtor Magazine Steve Spano, CIS President & COO’s offers cybersecurity advice for professional realtors appears in Realtor Magazine, a

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