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The malware variants comprising the Top 10 Malware list for August 2019 saw the same many of the same variants from the previous month with two exceptions

Learn how your organization can leverage CIS Build Kits to quickly implement secure configurations, limiting your organization’s cyber vulnerabilities.

From conducting assessments or evaluating risk, an Information Security Senior Auditor uses analytical skills and a collaborative nature to get the job done.

Learn how ransomware threatens SLTT government systems and data, along with some best practices to help prevent an attack.

Top 10 Malware activity accounted for 63% of total malware notifications in June 2019 which is a 3 percent increase from May.

CIS has developed the Election Infrastructure Assessment Tool (EIAT), a program to help your agency conduct an election security self-assessment.

Learn more about the CIS Controls Microsoft Windows 10 Cyber Hygiene Guide which offers practical guidance on cyber hygiene for Windows 10 users.

A recent update to CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard in v1.1.7 allows for enhanced features such has efficient endpoint search assignments and more.

Join the CIS Benchmarks community and become a part of the consensus-development process. Learn more about what roles we’re looking for.

AWS re:Inforce brought together cloud security, identity, and compliance experts. Learn about some of the highlights from the CIS team.

Learn how your organization can implement CIS Controls for Internet of Things (IoT) devices including smart thermostats, window sensors, and headsets.

Key opportunities to learn how to strengthen your cybersecurity in the cloud during AWS re:Inforce 2019 in Boston, MA.

Learn how deploying a hybrid cloud environment allows organizations to effectively maintain tighter security controls over sensitive data and processes.

The CIS Benchmarks team and Google worked together with the community to develop new security guidance for Chrome.

In May 2019 the Top 10 Malware was consistent with the previous month’s list with two exceptions. WannaCry dropped out and Pushdo made the list.

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