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5/1/2018 Atlantic Journal Constitution Ryan Spelman, Senior Director, Business Development, was quoted on cybersecurity insurance Without cyber

4/1/2018 Realtor Magazine Steve Spano, CIS President & COO’s offers cybersecurity advice for professional realtors appears in Realtor Magazine, a

3/23/2018 WIRED The article discusses how, “lots of reliable organizations have come out with recommended election security best practices, both

3/20/2018 Chicago Tribune This article discusses the launch of the CIS Controls Version 7 and includes a link to the CIS Controls webinar which was

3/20/18 Inside Cybersecurity Coverage of the launch of the CIS Controls Version 7 CIS Executive Chairman John Gilligan, CIS President & COO Steve

3/16/18 Cyberscoop States have increasingly leveraged the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) — which is run by CIS —

3/16/18 Cyberscoop The Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) was announced Thursday, giving the nation’s 8,800

3/16/18 Government Computer News Coverage of Albert network monitoring pilot and the release of A Handbook for Elections Infrastructure Security

2/28/18 “Capital Tonight” on Spectrum Cable News CIS President & COO Steve Spano appears in extensive interview on new cybersecurity

2/27/18 Computer Business Review Article discusses CIS’ research on security framework adaptation “Security framework adoption is at an

2/27/18 Security Boulevard “You need to investigate the detailed settings of the platform etc We just published good information on this

2/27/18 Forbes Article mentions that James Goepel, General Counsel and Chief Technology Officer for ClearArmor Corporation, is assisting in

2/26/18 Government Technology Brian Calkin, CIS VP of Operations, discusses ransomware “Typically those campaigns are very broad and will hit

2/25/18 SemiWikicom “CIS has issued a set of controls designed to provide agencies with a checklist for better security implementations While

Security Ever After
February 22, 2018

2/22/18 Security Boulevard “CIS has been working diligently to update the CIS Controls A compelling feature of the CIS Controls is their regular

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