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Here are the top 10 malware for July of 2017, this month is highlighted by a 33% decrease in top 10 activity and a total of a 2% decrease overall.

Learn more about all the different upgrades that the CIS Benchmark community was up to in July, which was focused on developing secure configurations.

CIS has now made it easy for you to verify that you’re using the latest released Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for a particular CIS Benchmark.

Every month the MS-ISAC maps the Top 10 Malware to infection vectors. This blog post shares the results from June 2017 activity.

CIS now offers hardened images on the Google Cloud Platform—one of the major cloud providers. Learn more about Google Cloud Platform in this blog post.

June of 2017 was a busy month for the CIS Benchmarks team! This blog post shares a summary of what has been happening at CIS.

In this blog post we discuss the Top 10 Malware of May 2017, which was highlighted by a 3% decrease in overall activity and a 38% decrease in the Top 10.

Learn how CIS Hardened Images can save you time and money without risking cybersecurity.

This blog post contains the Top 10 Malware of April 2017. This month was highlighted by an increase of 8% in malware activity.

Ransomware is a type of malware that has become a significant threat to U.S. businesses and individuals over the past two years.

The MS-ISAC observed a Emotet Trojan via malicious PDF. This seems to be the first time Emotet has targeted the United States & used a PDF file attachment.

Learn how you can share your expertise and network with other information security experts in the communities configuration guidelines on CIS WorkBench.

The healthcare industry is plagued by a myriad of cybersecurity-related issues. These issues range from malware that compromises the integrity of systems.

CIS-CAT Lite is our updated free-download configuration assessment tool. With no time-out period, CIS-CAT Lite allows users to assess system configuration.

Security-minded IT professionals can significantly improve their organization’s cybersecurity posture by investing in a CIS SecureSuite Membership.

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