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The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) is celebrating its 1,000th member – the Village of Boys Town in the state of

By: Ben Spear, Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst In order to provide greater insight into the state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT)

The CIS Controls have come a long way since 2008 Check out this infographic below to learn more about the Controls and how you can start using them

By Jill Fraser, Intelligence & Analysis Working Group Member In becoming an MS-ISAC member, the most valuable resource we receive is access to

Over 70 malicious websites were created during the 2012 Olympics to lure people into buying fake tickets1 With the 2016 Summer Olympics taking off

Computer data is generally organized in data structures such as arrays, records, graphs, classes, or other configurations for efficiency When data

What is Nemucod Nemucod is a Trojan that downloads potentially malicious files to an infected computer According to Symantec, Nemucod was first

By: Shannon McClain Over the past two weeks Pokémon GO has taken the mobile world by storm Here are our tips for avoiding criminals in real life

Data breaches can happen to any organization Whether carried out maliciously or simply the result of employee error, read below to learn just how

By: Katelyn Bailey Since the beginning of 2015, ransomware infections have been on an upward climb, with no foreseeable slowdown March, April, and

By: Erin Dayton 1 “When, Not If” If you've attended your fair share of cyber security conferences in the past, it's almost guaranteed that

Two high-profile breaches have resurfaced in the media again along with a newly announced breach LinkedIn was breached in 2012, Tumblr in 2013 and

By: Jordan C Rakoske We have exciting news about our Windows releases! Over the past year and a half, our Windows community has worked very hard

April 28, 2016

By: Dilan Samarasinghe, SOC Analyst The MS-ISAC has recently observed an increase in malware that is most often disseminated through malvertising

Making Security Happen
February 29, 2016

By: Adam Montville Our mission here at CIS is pretty clear: Lead communities to shepherd security best practices and continuously develop

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