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AARP September 11, 2017 Article cites how CIS identified 500 new domain names after Hurricane

NPR September 8, 2017 “The Center for Internet Security reported that over 500 domain names associated with Harvey were registered as the storm

Justice Clearinghouse August 28, 2017 Stacey Wright, MS-ISAC Senior Intel Program Manager, quoted in a Q/A format interview on cyber threats facing

State Scoop August 25, 2017 Molly Gifford, MS-ISAC Programs Manager quoted on the Nationwide Cyber Security Review "It really serves as a

CIO Insight August 14, 2017 “…according to a new report from the SANS Institute, "Integrating Prevention, Detection and Response Workflows,

Tech Target August 2, 2017 "Along with the change management, forensics and auditing, [the technology] allows us to set policies that enable us to

Security Intelligence August 9, 2017 Technical security configuration standards based on industry-recognized practices provide implementation

CISION/PR Newswire August 2, 2017 Qualys media release DefCon highlights includes CIS Benchmark reference: Unveiled CloudView App Framework, which

Intelligent Insurer August 10, 2017 Ryan Spelman, CIS Senior Director quoted on cybersecurity insurance Subscription required to view

FCW August 9, 2017 Curtis Dukes, CIS Executive VP and GM interviewed on malware "We try to balance the risk to the nation and to our allies with

GovTech May 3, 2017 Arizona CIO predicts the CIS Controls will save his state money “He estimates the state will save roughly $2 million to $25

SC Magazine May 3, 2017 MS-ISAC media outreach resulted in this story about the Emotet banking

NasDaq GlobeNewswire May 4, 2017 “[Mercury Systems’] Electronic records are protected by an active cybersecurity program modeled after the

GCN May 5, 2017   Article about CIS Skyhigh BD partnership includes mention of how the NGA has endorsed the CIS Controls “CIS, a nonprofit

Electric Light & Power Newsletter May 9, 2017   Article recommends the CIS Controls “The most effective defenses against these attack

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