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When optimizing cloud environments, CloudCheckr knows that security has to be implemented from the start. That’s why they recommend CIS Hardened Images.

Organizations providing cloud solutions to the U.S. government must comply with FedRAMP. CIS Hardened Images help Anitian automate FedRAMP compliance.

Learn how UMass Lowell’s cybersecurity training has helped students implement the NIST Framework and the CIS Controls.

"Where we get the biggest bang for our buck is in the CIS Controls. They help up to prioritize the other compliance frameworks."

Learn why the CIS Controls are a good starting point for cybersecurity remediation.

Learn how Oklahoma City uses the CIS Controls to address their cybersecurity challenges.

Learn how CIS Hardened Images are helping one software and technology firm deliver cloud-based process management solutions to over 300 public and private sector organizations worldwide.

Learn how the CIS Controls are helping address cybersecurity in policy drafting processes.

Learn how one organization uses the CIS Controls for basic, effective security safeguards across a variety of business units.

In the presentation, Col. Horvath outlined the importance of cyber hygiene, the catalyst in building CIS Controls, and ongoing work to improve implementation of the Controls.

Learn how Compliance Forge helps organizations adopt the CIS Controls cybersecurity best practices.

Corden Pharma, a global contract development manufacturing organization adopts the CIS Controls as their cybersecurity framework. 

Learn how Align’s Cybersecurity Management pre-builds the CIS Controls into a single, collaborative SaaS platform.

Learn how one organization offers the CIS Controls as a questionnaire in a collaborative, online user experience.

Learn how a state credit union is using the CIS Controls cybersecurity best practices.

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