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The MS-ISAC Working Groups are comprised of dedicated members who volunteer their time and talent to advance effective cybersecurity among U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial government organizations. Volunteers assist with specific high-impact program areas and deliverables in support of the MS-ISAC’s goals and objectives. Getting involved in the Working Groups afford you the unique opportunity to directly interact and collaborate with organizations like yours. Not only can you share your unique insights, but you can open new possibilities for your organization’s cyber defense posture as you learn more about what other organizations are doing.

Working Groups convene on a regular basis and may change based on the group’s needs and areas of interest. Working Groups are open to all MS- and EI-ISAC Members. Participation in Working Groups is 100% voluntary, as is the extent of a member’s participation.

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Leadership Mentoring Program

The Leadership Mentoring Program (LMP) is designed to build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between cybersecurity professionals to promote the increased maturity of leaders and programs across the SLTT community. This nine-month program offers two participation styles: “1:1 Mentorships” or “Collaborative Mentorships,” allowing ample opportunities for ISAC members to build relationships and core competencies in cybersecurity leadership.

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Business Resiliency

The Business Resiliency Working Group focuses on the processes, tools, and best practices related to public sector business continuity and recovery—not only of technology assets, but also recovery of the entire organization, including people, locations, and communications.

Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions

The Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions Working Group will conduct monthly meetings, each tailored to the specific challenges and needs identified by our MS-ISAC members. During these sessions, an MS-ISAC member or a representative from a use case organization will offer practical insights relevant to the highlighted challenge or need. This group is more than a forum for discussion; it is an interactive space dedicated to problem-solving and collective learning.

Cybersecurity Metrics

The Cybersecurity Metrics Working Group focuses on recommending and implementing methodologies to help SLTT entities with cybersecurity metrics and compliance inventory, assessment, and audit of their cybersecurity assets. This group works jointly with DHS, National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) to support the Nationwide Cybersecurity Review.

Education and Awareness

The Education and Awareness Working Group focuses on implementing innovative strategies, improving existing programs, and promoting successful localized initiatives for national cybersecurity education, awareness, and training content to support the overall mission of the MS-ISAC. This includes recommendations of MS-ISAC programs for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, including the MS-ISAC Toolkit.


The K-12 Working Group brings together a diverse group of educational agencies, in hopes of better understanding the issues, challenges and concerns of school districts throughout the country. The working group strives to meet those needs and improve the overall cybersecurity posture of the community to support the overall mission of the MS-ISAC.

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