MS-ISAC® Membership FAQ

Who can join the MS-ISAC?

Membership is open to all U.S. SLTT government entities.

Who are the members?

The MS-ISAC currently includes representatives from all 56 states and territories, all 50 state capitals, all 78 Fusion Centers, over 1,000 local governments, many tribal governments. The MS-ISAC member organizations are a diverse group of public sectors that includes government, education, utilities, transportation, law enforcement and more.

What does it cost to join the MS-ISAC?

There is no cost to join the MS-ISAC. It is primarily supported by the DHS to serve as the central cybersecurity resource for the nation’s SLTT governments.

Can the MS-ISAC help me with a cyber incident?

Yes. The MS-ISAC Computer Emergency Response Team (MS-ISAC CERT) comprises highly trained staff who are able to assist you with a cybersecurity incident. MS-ISAC CERT can provide malware analysis, reverse engineering, log analysis, forensics analysis and vulnerability assessments. The Incident Response service is available to all SLTT entities – MS-ISAC membership is not required.

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Can other members of my organization join?

Yes. Each organization designates a “Primary Member” who is then responsible for authorizing additional individuals in their organization to become members.

Are there any requirements to join?

The only requirement is the completion of a membership agreement, which sets forth the responsibilities of members to protect information that is shared.

What are the benefits of MS-ISAC membership?

Membership benefits include direct access to cybersecurity advisories and alerts, vulnerability assessments and incident response for entities experiencing a cyber threat, secure information sharing through the Homeland Security Information Network (HISN) portal, tabletop exercises, a weekly malicious domains/IP report, multiple DHS initiatives, CIS SecureSuite Membership, MS-ISAC National Webinar, and more.

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Are there any educational or training resources available?

Yes. In addition to advisories and information bulletins regarding the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities, the MS-ISAC provides a variety of educational, awareness, and training resources and opportunities.

Does MS-ISAC work with federal agencies, private sector groups, and the other ISACs?

Yes. The MS-ISAC works closely with federal partners at DHS, along with Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service and others to better share information on emerging threats. The MS-ISAC also has strong relationships with major internet service providers, cybersecurity firms, researchers, and software developers.

How do I join?

Register for MS-ISAC Membership or contact us:

Not an SLTT entity? You can still benefit our from publicly-available MS-ISAC Daily Tips, white papers, and other resources.


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