Episode 53: Uplifting Neurodiversity in Cybersecurity

In episode 53 of Cybersecurity Where You Are, co-host Tony Sager is joined by Ron Gula, President and Co-Founder of Gula Tech Foundation. Together, they acknowledge Autism and Neurodiversity Awareness Month by discussing the need to create more opportunities in cybersecurity for neurodiverse individuals. They point out that there's no one way for all employers and supervisors to support employees with different abilities. It's up to the employers and supervisors to decide where those efforts fit into their culture and what each victory looks like.

Attending RSA Conference 2023? Make sure you visit the main conference hall at 12:00 P.M. PT on Wednesday, April 26. At that time and place, Gula Tech Foundation will announce the four winners of its Spring 2023 grant campaign, "Expanding Opportunities in Cyber for the Neurodivergent." As part of the ceremony, you'll have a chance to speak with the winners about engaging neurodiverse individuals in your organization.





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