Fighting Scary Cyber Threats with Sweet Solutions

Do the words Zombiebots, Gh0st, Beast, and Creeper send shivers up your spine? They should.  These are the names of top malware that could be haunting your programs and email right now! Building a cyber defense plan may seem scary. What is even scarier is not being able to scale your cybersecurity defenses and keep up with evolving cyber threats.

Cyber Threats That Frighten Even The Experts

It’s not just malware that poses a threat to an enterprise’s systems. Here is what scares some industry experts (and CIS team members):

  • Kathleen Moriarty, Chief Technology Officer: The state of cyber threats is such that we need to pivot to built-in security models. The CIS Benchmarks serve as an excellent step toward providing the expected policies on systems that can be verified on a continuous basis in support of zero-trust architectures.
  • Sean Atkinson, Chief Information Security Officer: A huge threat in cybersecurity is the misconfiguration of cloud infrastructure. It is scary to think that some think it is set-it-and-forget-it. In fact, it is necessary to monitor cloud instances for changes in access and integrity as well as to change or modify that infrastructure as needed.
  • Angelo Marcotullio, Chief Information Officer: The top security threat is all of us – the human. Not adhering to basic cybersecurity practices like strong passwords, setting permission levels for access, etc., can lead to a serious breach.
  • Curtis Dukes, Executive VP and GM, Security Best Practices: Real-world data defines some of the biggest threats. The CIS Community Defense Model v2.0 explains the top attack types: Malware, Ransomware, Web Application Hacking, Insider Privilege and Misuse, and Targeted Intrusions.

Sweet Solutions to Cyber Threats

With all of these threats to consider, building and then scaling a strong cybersecurity plan is more important than ever. While cybersecurity can be tricky, this infographic offers some treats in the way of tips and resources to help you get started.



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