CIS Benchmarks April 2020 Update



CIS Oracle Database 12c Benchmark v3.0.0

This CIS Benchmark was released with the following improvements:

  • Guidance was added to existing and new recommendations for multi-tenant databases
  • Many recommendations were reorganized and/or rewritten
  • Guidance was incorporated for Oracle Database 12c Release 2

The document is intended to address the recommended security settings for Oracle Database 12c. The guide was tested against Oracle Database 12c (versions and installed with and without pluggable database support running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 instance as a stand-alone system and running on an Oracle Linux 7 instance also as a stand-alone system. Future Oracle Database 12c critical patch updates (CPUs) may impact the recommendations included in the document.

A huge thank you to our editors Alexander Kornbrust, Jay Mehta, Joe Testa, and Nelly Chng for their exceptional contributions to this release. And, thank you to the community whose contributions are invaluable to our consensus process!

Download the CIS Oracle Database 12c Benchmark

CIS Microsoft Windows Benchmarks

The following improvements to CIS Microsoft Windows Benchmarks have been made:

  • Added 10+ new security settings
  • Moved and renamed several settings due to updated ADMX template
  • Updated 12+ recommendations
  • Removed 3+ outdated settings

The releases include:

  • CIS Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Benchmark v2.4.0
  • CIS Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (non-R2) Benchmark v2.2.0
  • CIS Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) Benchmark v3.2.0
  • CIS Microsoft Windows 8.1 Workstation Benchmark v2.4.0

A huge thanks to the CIS Microsoft Windows Community and team for these releases. Special thanks to Haemish Edgerton.

Download the CIS Microsoft Windows Server Benchmark
Download the CIS Microsoft Workstation Benchmark

End of Life

CIS is ending support for CIS Benchmarks for technologies no longer supported by their vendors. Continuing to use unsupported technology is not a security best practice, and CIS encourages you to move to a supported version of the technology to reduce the negative impact on your environment unsupported technology can cause. Although CIS no longer supports these CIS Benchmarks, they can still be retrieved from CIS WorkBench, accompanied by a list of the last CIS-CAT Pro version that contained the Benchmark.

You can read more about end of life for CIS Benchmarks on the CIS blog.



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