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CIS SecureSuite Membership for service providers and consultants allows organizations with consulting engagements to use the membership resources (including CIS-CAT Pro, CIS CSAT Pro, CIS Build Kit content, and the CIS Controls) to help audit and secure client systems.

This CIS SecureSuite Services & Consulting Membership category includes, but is not limited to, organizations providing Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  It is used by security consultants around the world to help clients assess their security posture, monitor conformance over time, develop customized configuration policies and reports, and share compliance status with auditors and business partners.

This CIS SecureSuite Membership category does not allow service providers to sell or distribute CIS SecureSuite resources to clients.

CIS Services and Consulting Membership Benefits


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Pricing for Organizations

CIS SecureSuite Services & Consulting Membership allows an organization's employees unlimited access to the Membership resources per the terms of a CIS SecureSuite Membership agreement.

Annual membership fees are based on the enrolling organization's annual revenue*:

Annual Revenue Range Annual Membership Fee
$1B+ $22,000
$100M - $999M $16,500
$10M - $99M $11,000
$1M - $9M $8,250
$0 - $999K $5,500

Pricing for Individual Consultants

Independent security consultants and individuals working in consulting/auditing organizations may also purchase a membership used solely for Consulting Engagements. As an Individual Consultant, the right to use CIS SecureSuite resources applies only to the individual named in the CIS SecureSuite Membership agreement (required prior to enrollment).

The Individual Consulting Membership option is not for use of the Membership resources with product incorporation or for hosting or managed services. The Individual Consultant is not permitted to use the resources throughout his/her organization’s enterprise IT infrastructure for internal use.

The annual membership fee for an Individual Consultant is $3,630 USD.*

*Pricing in USD. Subject to change.

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What People are Saying:

"We needed to reach a security compliance for one of our clients and using CIS we were able to generate reports to prove our process"

- Director of Information Technology
Spring Design Partners, Inc.
New York, USA

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