Pricing and Categories

Pricing for CIS SecureSuite Membership varies based on the enrolling organization's intended use of the membership resources and a few other details, such as number of employees or annual revenue. We offer multiple CIS SecureSuite Membership categories to suit various security needs. Learn more about each option by selecting one below.

End User

One of our most popular membership levels, the End User option is for organizations looking to secure their internal systems and data. This membership does not allow for any client or commercial use of the CIS SecureSuite Membership resources.


Similar to the End User membership, this option provides some additional benefits suited to the classroom environment.

SLTT (State, Local, Tribal, Territorial) Governments

Similar to End User membership, this membership category provides discounts to state, local, tribal, and territorial (not federal) government organizations.

Services - Consulting

This membership category allows organizations to use the CIS SecureSuite Membership resources on client machines to assist with auditing or consulting engagements - with options for large consulting firms as well as small, independent IT consultants.

Services - Hosting, Cloud, and Managed

Does your organization provide Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS)? This membership category allows you to incorporate the CIS SecureSuite Membership resources into the systems, networks, and storage needed to support your business environments.

Product Vendor

This membership category is for organizations looking to incorporate the CIS SecureSuite Membership resources into their security software products, with options for CIS Benchmark product certification. It also allows for consulting, hosting, and internal use of membership resources.




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