End User

CIS SecureSuite Membership provides end user organizations the right to use and distribute membership resources (including CIS-CAT Pro, CIS CSAT Pro, remediation content, and the CIS Controls) throughout their organizations.

  End User
Services and
Unlimited access to all CIS SecureSuite Membership resources, including CIS Benchmarks and CIS Controls  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Ability to develop custom configuration policy using CIS WorkBench checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Access to configuration assessment tool CIS-CAT Pro Accessor and Dashboard checkmark checkmark  checkmark
Access to CIS-CAT Pro, a CIS Controls self-assessment tool checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
CIS SecureSuite Member Update detailing new and updated CIS resources checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
CIS SecureSuite technical product support checkmark checkmark checkmark
Company listing on CIS website as CIS SecureSuite Member checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Use of CIS SecureSuite Membership logo checkmark checkmark checkmark
Right to distribute the CIS SecureSuite resources throughout your organization checkmark checkmark checkmark
Eligible to use CIS SecureSuite resources (i.e. CIS-CAT Pro and CIS CSAT Pro) in consulting and auditing engagements checkmark checkmark checkmark
CIS-CAT Pro reports to share with your customers    checkmark  checkmark
Eligible to use the CIS SecureSuite resources to secure hosted environments or managed services    checkmark  checkmark
CIS Benchmark Certification      checkmark
CIS Controls Accreditation    checkmark checkmark 
Marketing Support      checkmark


Pricing for End Users

Membership for end users is not intended for commercial use. If you would like to use the CIS SecureSuite resources commercially – in hosting/cloud environments, consulting services, or security products/tools – please see our other membership options.

Annual CIS SecureSuite Membership fees are determined by the total number of employees per organization.* The total membership fee is due prior to the start of your membership.

Employee Range 1-Year Total 10% off
2-Year Total
15% off
3-Year Total
250,000+ $16,400 $29,520 $41,820
100,000 – 249,999 $15,200 $27,360 $38,760
50,000 – 99,999 $13,900 $25,020 $35,445
25,000 – 49,999 $12,800 $23,040 $32,640
10,000 – 24,999 $12,100 $21,780 $30,855
5,000 – 9,999 $11,500 $20,700 $29,325
1,000 – 4,999 $10,900 $19,620 $27,795
500 – 999 $7,900 $14,220 $20,145
250 – 499 $5,500 $9,900 $14,025
100 – 249 $3,900 $7,020 $9,945
50 – 99 $2,400 $4,320 $6,120
up to 49 $1,470 $2,646 $3,748.50

*Pricing in USD. Subject to change.

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Membership is free for SLTT government entities and U.S. public academic institutions.