CIS Logos, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Use Policy

I. Authorization

This Policy specifies when and how the Center for Internet Security Inc.’s (CIS) logos, trademarks and intellectual property (IP) may be used. Except for the specific uses described and allowed under this Policy, all uses are hereby prohibited without CIS’ express written authorization. Prohibited uses include the development, adoption, or registration of names, logos, trademarks, symbols, phrases, brands, domain names or other business, product or service identifier that could be confused with any of CIS’ trademarks, logos or IP.  This Policy shall apply to all persons and entities utilizing or referring to any CIS logo, trademark and/or IP, regardless of whether a contractual relationship exists between the person or entity and CIS.

Any use of the CIS trademarks, logo or IP must not disparage or infringe upon CIS or its trademarks, products or services. Use of the CIS trademarks, logo or IP must not mislead the public as to an organization's affiliation with CIS or CIS’ sponsorship or endorsement of a company and/or products or services. Absent express written authorization, CIS does not support the use of its logos, company name, product names, images or IP by other parties in marketing, promotional or advertising materials as their use may create the perception that CIS endorses or sponsors the product, service or promotion.

Examples of Permitted Usage:

  1. Acme, Inc. is a CIS SecureSuite® Member.
  2. Acme, Inc. supports the development of the CIS Benchmarks™.
  3. Acme, Inc. recommends that its customers utilize the CIS Benchmarks™.

The CIS trademarks must be used separately from other logos or trademarks, and may not be used as part of the name for any other organization or its products or services. No one, including a licensed partner of CIS, may use a name for itself, its products or services that incorporates, or is confusingly similar to, any CIS mark. Another company's mark can be used in context with a CIS mark to designate a relationship between CIS’s products and services and those of the other company (e.g., Acme® is a CIS SecureSuite® Member).  Without express written permission of CIS, no entity shall be permitted to make available for public access or download, any CIS IP, products or services.  An entity may be permitted to provide web access links to the CIS website for informational purposes, so long as the entity makes clear that the user is leaving the entity’s website.  Access shall be granted in such a way as to ensure a clear delineation to a reasonable user between the entity’s website and CIS’ website, and to prevent confusion on the part of a user.

CIS may modify our trademarks or this Logos, Trademark and Intellectual Property Use Policy at any time. Please check the CIS website ( often for changes.

II. Usage Guidelines

The following general guidelines should assist you with basic questions regarding the use and appearance of the CIS trademarks. Please contact CIS directly for any specific questions or to set up a licensing agreement.

A. CIS’s Trademarks and Logos

Always use the registered trademark and service mark symbol "®" when referring to our registered trademarks (e.g. The Center for Internet Security®). Use the unregistered trademark symbol "TM" when referring to our unregistered trademarks. You must use the proper symbol with each of our trademarks, and apply the symbols consistent with this Policy, in every copy of communication, document, packaging or other material in which our mark appears, regardless of the medium.

CIS’ current registered ("®") and unregistered ("TM") trademarks and logos are listed as follows:

Center for Internet Security®



CIS Benchmarks™



CIS Controls®

CIS Critical Security Controls®

CIS CyberMarket®

CIS Hardened Images®


CIS SecureSuite ®

CIS Services®







Confidence in the Connected World™



Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center®






Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center®

Start Secure. Stay Secure. ®


B.    Presentation of Trademarks

All CIS trademarks should be used in their exact form, neither abbreviated nor combined with any other word or words.

C.    Colors 

    • Keystones
      • Keystones are comprised of the identifier colors and white. They should be prevalent in all CIS communications.
      • NAVY BLUE (PMS 302) - C:100 M:48 Y:12 K:58
      • BLUE (PMS 7460) – C:100 M:6 Y:2 K:10
      • WHITE (PMS 0)– C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
    • Neutrals: Serve as the supporting analogous tones to the Keystones. They should be liberally utilized.
      • BLACK (PMS 6) – C:100 M:79 Y:44 K:93
      • DARK GREY (PMS 432) – C:65 M:43 Y:26 K:78
      • GREY (PMS 430) – C:33 M:18 Y:13 K:40
      • LIGHT GREY (PMS 428) – C:10 M:4 Y:4 K:14
    • Chromas: Serve as the accents and can be utilized for differentiation of information and visual hierarchy. They can also be used for building duotones or tritone images.
      • BLUE (PMS 7469) – C:100 M:31 Y:8 K:42
      • TURQUOISE (PMS 7467) – C:97 M:0 Y:30 K:0
      • GREEN (PMS 7489) – C:56 M:2 Y:78 K:5
      • ORGANGE (PMS 7564) – C:0 M:45 Y:100 K:4
      • YELLOW (PMS 605) – C:0 M:2 Y:100 K:9

D.    Apply the Trademark Symbols in the Correct Places 

Text: The appropriate trademark symbol must be used the first time a mark appears and in all prominent appearances of a mark.

Packaging and other uses: The appropriate trademark symbol must be used every time the trademark appears.

E.     Differentiate Our Brand Names from Our Corporate Name 

A trademark is used to identify a brand. A trade name is a corporate name used to identify an organization or company. “CIS” and “The Center for Internet Security” can be used as trademarks or trade names. Use the appropriate trademark symbol when using "CIS" or “The Center for Internet Security” as a trademark to identify the source of one of our products (e.g., " CIS® products and services"). You do not need to use a trademark symbol when using "CIS" or “The Center for Internet Security” to generally refer to our company, Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS) (e.g. “we have partnered with The Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS)”.

 F.     Third Party Trademarks

Some of CIS’ services and products include technology used under license from third-party licensors. You may not use any such third party trademarks without express permission from the owner. Do not use another company's trademark to show endorsement, approval or an association with that company without its written approval.

III. Right to Inspect and Approve/Disapprove Use

CIS retains the right to request copies of any materials that use the CIS Logos,Trademarks and/or IP for the purpose of reviewing the manner in which they are being used. In the event CIS discovers that another party’s use of the CIS Logos, Trademarks and/or IP violates this Policy or violates the terms of a written agreement between CIS and the other party, CIS retains the right to require such other party to immediately cease and desist from using the CIS Logos, Trademarks and/or IP.

IV. CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo

CIS’ SecureSuite “Membership” trademark may be used for the purposes described herein as long as this Logo, Trademark and Intellectual Property Use Policy is strictly followed.

CIS will provide eligible CIS SecureSuite members (each a “Member”) authorization to use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo. A Member’s eligibility to use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo and how a Member may use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo is governed by the following:

    1. A Member’s right to use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo shall begin and continue only so long as the Member’s membership remains active and in good standing with CIS;
    2. A Member’s right to use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo is limited to use on the Member's website and/or in the Member’s marketing materials, solely for the purpose of signifying its CIS SecureSuite membership;
    3. A Member’s right to use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo does not include use of the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo to signify that the Member’s product(s), system(s) or service(s) are certified or endorsed by CIS in any way; and
    4. A Member’s use of the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo signifies the Member’s agreement to cooperate with CIS in monitoring the use of the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo by supplying CIS with specimens of materials or links to websites that use the CIS SecureSuite “Membership” Logo for CIS’s review and approval, whenever requested by CIS from time to time.

V.  CIS Software Vendor Member “Certified” Product Logo

The “CIS Benchmarks Certified” Logo shall only be used by Security Software Vendor members that are in good standing and have received CIS’s express written notice that one or more of their security software products have passed CIS Certification validation testing and are authorized to use the “CIS Benchmarks Certified” Logo in any branding or marketing materials associated with any such product(s).

VI. CIS Company Name and Logo (Trademark) and CIS SecureSuite Name and Logo (Trademark)

Except for the following situations, the CIS Company Name and Logo (Trademark) and the CIS SecureSuite Name and Logo (Trademark) shall only be used by CIS.

    1. Organizational or Named Consulting Use Membership Agreements – Subject to a signed CIS SecureSuite Organizational or Named Consulting Membership agreement and membership that is active and in good standing, a CIS SecureSuite Consulting Use Member may be allowed to use the CIS SecureSuite Name and Logo (Trademark) within a report(s) or related materials for a consulting client(s), as it is currently packaged with the CIS-CAT Pro Assessor.
    2. Endorsement/Partnership Agreements –  Subject to CIS’ express written permission, CIS may provide a third party the right to use the CIS Company Name and Logo and/or the CIS SecureSuite Name and Logo (Trademark) to signify an endorsement or partnership relationship between CIS and the third party.

VII.  Educational Use

Web sites or other documents that serve only as noncommercial electronic informational fora concerning a CIS product or technology may use the appropriate CIS word mark, logo or IP, provided such use complies with the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license.  CIS reserves the right to review any use of its trademarks, logos or IP pursuant to this license.  Upon CIS’ sole discretion, if CIS believes that an entity’s purported use violates or is not compatible with this license, CIS shall retain the right to demand that the entity remove such CIS trademarks, logos or IP without undue delay and the entity shall comply.

VIII. Proper Notice and Attribution

Distribution of Products and Communications

  1. On a product or other product communications that will be distributed only in the United States, use the appropriate trademark symbol (TM, SM, ®) the first time the CIS trademark appears in the text of the advertisement, brochure, or other material.
  2. Refer to this Policy for the correct trademark symbol, spelling of the trademark, and generic term to use with the trademark.
  3. Include an attribution of CIS’s ownership of its trademarks within the credit notice section of your product, product documentation, or other product communication.

Following are the correct formats:

_________ and _______ are registered trademarks of Center for Internet Security, Inc.

_________ and _______ are trademarks of Center for Internet Security, Inc.


Any questions regarding this Logo, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Use Policy should be referred to the CIS Legal Department.