CIS Hardened Images on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

CIS Hardened Images bring the security configuration recommendations of the CIS Benchmarks to the cloud. Securely configured OS are available to spin up from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) where CIS is a partner.

CIS Hardened Images on GCP

All of these images are available on Google Cloud Platform. To access STIG Images, navigate to Level 3.



CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundations Benchmark

Anyone using GCP, regardless of whether CIS Hardened Images are used, should secure their environment with the CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundations Benchmark. The purpose of this CIS Benchmark is to provide prescriptive guidance about security configuration on GCP.

Google Shielded VMs

CIS Hardened Images on GCP are now built on Google Cloud’s Shielded VM base images. Shielded VMs provide an even more secure foundation for all of GCP by limiting mistakes and ensuring your organization is only using supported images. There is no additional cost for using a Shielded VM on Google Cloud and bring your own (BYO) image licensing is supported.

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Partner with CIS to Resell CIS Hardened Images on GCP

CIS Hardened Images are available for Cloud Reseller Partners in GCP Marketplace. Request information and connect with our Cloud Channel Team.