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CIS SecureSuite Puts the Power of Cybersecurity in Your Hands

Security-minded IT professionals can significantly improve their organization’s cybersecurity posture by investing in a CIS SecureSuite Membership. Previously known as CIS Security Benchmarks Membership, this group of over 1,000 global businesses and government entities was renamed to better reflect the combined resources of the CIS Benchmarks and CIS Controls.

What’s included in CIS SecureSuite?

Organizations of all sizes will benefit immensely from the tools and services available in a CIS SecureSuite Membership. Benefits include:

  • Access to CIS-CAT Pro, which combines many of our most powerful resources and guidelines into a single tool that provides:
    • Endpoint assessment for 85+ CIS Benchmarks, allowing users to quickly check system conformance using the CIS-CAT Assessor and store assessment results in a centralized CIS-CAT Dashboard solution.
    • CIS Controls annotations, which map a given CIS Benchmark recommendation to one or more of the CIS Controls. Annotations carry through to automation content (such as remediation kits) and can be viewed within CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard.
    • CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard, a companion tool that provides users visibility into their organization’s configuration and vulnerability assessment trends. CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard can create and track exceptions to failing results and generate remediation reports, including a CIS Controls-specific view of configuration assessment results.
  • Access to CIS WorkBench, our new community site through which CIS SecureSuite Members can access member-only discussion forums. Via CIS WorkBench, members can also easily customize CIS Benchmarks to organizational or industry-specific needs, complete with all supported artifact types (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, XCCDF, OVAL, XML). Members also can access CIS SecureSuite member-only discussion forums.

CIS SecureSuite Members also receive tutorials, enhanced support from staff and developers, the option to list their organization's name/logo on the CIS SecureSuite Roster, and the right to use the CIS SecureSuite logo on their organization's website and documents.

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