Gina Chapman

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Business Services

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Business Services, Gina
Chapman helps drive business strategy across the Sales, Business Development,
Communications, and Marketing functions at CIS.

Chapman began her career with CIS in 2012 and has held a number of important leadership and technical positions with increasing levels of responsibility. Prior to her current position, Chapman served as Senior Vice President and Interim General Manager of Operations and Security Services. In this role she was responsible for providing executive leadership to advance the missions of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (MS-ISAC®), and the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (EI-ISAC)®.

She also served as CIS’s Chief of Staff, responsible for planning and coordinating all operational and administrative activities across the company. During her tenure in this role, Chapman led the establishment of the Agile Program Office (APO) which is
responsible for implementing agile methods and processes across CIS. She also acted as a challenge troubleshooter and project catalyst for CIS’s strategic efforts.

For the three years before that, Chapman was the Senior Director of Operations and Security Services for the MS-ISAC and EI-ISAC. Her responsibilities included project management and operations management of CIS’s cyber intelligence organization, the MS-ISAC’s 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC), and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). In addition, Chapman was responsible for establishing and managing the teams responsible for the following CIS security services: Operations Engineering, Application Development, Operations Data Intelligence (ODI), and the Vulnerability Management Program (VMP).

Before joining CIS, Chapman held a variety of management positions in commercial retail. She earned an undergraduate degree in Network Administration, and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Business. She has achieved Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) credentials in Project Management and as a Certified Intrusion Analyst, and holds certifications in agile frameworks and is trained in agile leadership.

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