Cyber Audit Platform


The Cyber Audit Platform, powered by CyberWA, allows an organization to perform a rapid assessment of their overall cybersecurity capabilities and preparedness.

The assessment enables the organization to focus on key areas that will improve their cybersecurity posture and aids in the identification and prioritization of risks that could be exploited in a successful cyber attack.

The Cyber Audit Platform utilizes a proprietary methodology for assessing an organization’s susceptibility of being compromised, based on their cyber competencies. The Cyber Audit Platform is divided into eleven core focus areas:

  • Cyber Maturity
  • Computing Devices
  • Smart City
  • Smart Devices
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Authentication & Access
  • Communications
  • Digital Footprint
  • Financial
  • Monitoring and Response, & Threats and Compromises

At the conclusion of an assessment, the organization is provided with scores for each category which identify the organization's cyber maturity in each of the key areas. The organization will have access to a prioritized action plan that addresses each of the areas of concern. The action plan incorporates no-cost and cost-effective services from CIS, the MS/EI-ISAC, and CIS CyberMarket®. Organizations are able to track their progress in completing action items, which improves their organization's cyber scores.

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