Want to maximize your cybersecurity with CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard Watch this 30-minute presentation as the CIS technical team provides a walk-through of

Discover ways to leverage the newly released CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool to assist in tracking & managing implementation of the CIS Controls.

Discover the basics of customizing the CIS Benchmarks to meet your company’s needs via the CIS WorkBench and learn about the export formats available.

Discover administrative, technical, and physical security controls along with other strategies to combat the rise of cybercrime.

Cyber Risk Insurance 101
November 14, 2018
Cyber Risk Insurance continues to be an important topic across all organizations. Join the webinar to learn more about cyber liability insurance.

CIS-CAT Pro Assessor v4 is a system configuration and vulnerability assessment tool that provides the ability to remotely or locally assess target systems.

Good cybersecurity goes beyond compliance – it can help protect your systems some of the most pervasive attacks by hackers.

The mid-term election is coming. Learn how state, local, and Federal officials are working together to enhance security measures of voting systems.

CIS will offer tailoring of CIS Benchmarks via the CIS WorkBench which will allow users to customize CIS Benchmarks to meet organizational requirements.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Get a deeper dive into NCSAM with members from the MS-ISAC, DHS, and NCSA.

CIS Hardened Images are configured to meet the industry-accepted best practices that are collaboratively developed by aconsensus community. 

The August 2018 webinar will highlight reasons why organizations require an application security program.

This webinar will discuss the CIS Controls Version 7 and the unique constraints and opportunities in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments.

Discover the history of cryptocurrencies, how they operate and what differentiates them from traditional currencies, the concepts behind the technology.

Discover how to conduct cyber risk assessments so they meet the requirements of established information security risk assessment standards.

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