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Join the CIS team at AWS re:Invent from December 2-6 in Las Vegas for the latest in cybersecurity trends and cloud technologies.

This blog post will highlight the development process for establishing a cyber hygiene program and help identify a program that works for your organization.

CIS released new CIS Benchmarks and CIS Hardened Images for both Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Leverage CIS-CAT Pro assessment capabilities with CIS Benchmark coverage and reduced network usage for better cyber defenses.

Discover how the team at CIS and our partners worked to improve cybersecurity during 2019’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

The Top 10 Malware variants for September closely resemble those of the previous month with the exception of Bifrose and CryptoWall.

11 cyber defense tips for securing your digital systems and data. From how to charge your devices safely when traveling to best practices for social.

Learn how you’re affected by data breaches and discover the best practices that can help defend your organization against them.

Learn more about how adding CIS Hardened Images to NGINX environments allows you to enjoy security without sacrificing computational efficiency. 

With CIS Hardened Images you can have peace of mind knowing your employees are working in an environment that is built to defend against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity relies on specialists of every kind to achieve success. It takes a team in order to avoid the pitfalls of cyber vulnerabilities and attacks.

Smart cities leverage technology in new and advanced ways – but at what security cost? Read on for essential cyber defense for smart cities.

A single phishing campaign can bring in millions. Learn how you can spot phishing emails and avoid putting your organization at risk of a cyber-attack.

Check out six simple tips to discover how to keep your workplace safe online, to improve your organization's cybersecurity defense and minimize risk.

The CIS Security Best Practices for Non-Voting Election Technology provides cybersecurity recommendations for supporting election technology.

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