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In this week’s podcast, hosts Tony Sager and Sean Atkinson discuss tools like CIS Controls, CIS Benchmarks, CIS CSAT and more to strengthen your cyber defense program.

CIS now offers hardened VMs for Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and Amazon Linux 2 built on AWS Graviton2. Deploy a CIS Hardened Image from AWS Marketplace.

CIS Controls Volunteer Communities announces a call for participation for CIS Controls Cloud, IoT, and Mobile updates for the new Community Defense Model

Remediate at scale with CIS Build Kits for a rapid implementation of CIS Benchmark recommendations.

New CIS Benchmarks released April 2021 for Microsoft Windows Server, Ubuntu Linux, Sophos, Alibaba Cloud Container for Kubernetes (ACK) and more.

Learn about the credential theft Trojan, TrickBot and how to prevent and respond to infections.

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center has created a list of End-of-Support (EOS) software dates from 1/01/2021 to 4/2021.

The guide describes how CIS AWS Benchmarks enhance the security of AWS Cloud accounts, cloud products, cloud services, and more.

Assessing system security configuration settings for vulnerabilities will help keep your enterprise safe from cyber threats. Automated tools make it easier.

In this week’s podcast, hosts Tony Sager and Sean Atkinson introduce cyber defense as a risk-based process to reduce the overall probability and impact that a cyber-attack will have on an organization.

CIS Controls Version 8 of the CIS Controls, coming May 2021, has made enhancements to progress with modern systems and software.

Basic cyber hygiene can protect your organization against cyber-attacks. Implementation Group 1 (IG1) of the CIS Controls can show you how!

In February 2021, the MS-ISAC observed CryptoWall and Kovter’s return to the Top 10, while Hancitor and Jupyter made their first appearance.

Following simple online safety best practices can help you avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber attack. Learn simple ways to stay secure at work.

CIS offers Managed Security Services (MSS) to help U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) organizations improve their cybersecurity.

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