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Learn how Align’s Cybersecurity Management pre-builds the CIS Controls into a single, collaborative SaaS platform.

Learn how one organization offers the CIS Controls as a questionnaire in a collaborative, online user experience.

Learn how a state credit union is using the CIS Controls cybersecurity best practices.

Learn how one full-service IT Solution Provider uses the CIS Controls to standardize and manage cyber assets.

Learn how SAM for Compliance helps organizations self-assess and manage their compliance to the CIS Controls.

The Midwest electric utility is a not-for-profit member-owned electric distribution system, serving more than 47,000 active accounts in a 10-county

Learn about Jamal Hartenstein, who has combined his two passions - cybersecurity and the law - into a specialized law practice.

Learn how one practice now relies on the CIS Controls as their security guideline and foundation for securing their environment.

Recently, CIS had the opportunity to speak with Mike Yeatman, Director of Information Security of a mid-size technology integration company As a

Learn how Crysis Averted uses the CIS Controls to help provide risk management services.

Learn how the Federal Reserve internal auditors use a highly coordinated approach to audit coverage that leverages the CIS Controls framework.

Certified Information Systems Auditor uses the Center for Internet Security’s Contol for Effective Cyber Defense Version 60 to Audit Internal Cyber

Learn how one retailer developed a six-stage vendor assessment process for assessing vendors based on ISO/IEC 27002:2013 and the CIS Controls.

Learn how one banking institution uses the CIS Controls to determine its cybersecurity baseline and conduct a gap analysis.

Telenet, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, adopted the CIS Controls to build a road map to align with its ISO-27000 compliance program.

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