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This affirmative defense model established by both Utah and Ohio is a win for both companies and consumers, providing a safe harbor from certain claims.

The California IoT Law does not define the term “reasonable” as it relates to device security; it does provide some guidelines though.

Basic cyber hygiene or a lack thereof, can mean the difference between a thwarted or successful cyber-attack against your organization.

The Spring 2021 issue focuses on overall security using the CIS Controls, strengthening the healthcare industry's cyber defenses, and protecting against threats when outsourcing IT services.

Connecticut might soon follow Ohio and Utah by enacting a law that offers liability protection against ransomware and other cyberattacks.

CIS Controls Version 8 of the CIS Controls, coming May 2021, has made enhancements to progress with modern systems and software.

The frameworks laid out in the bill are well recognized in the cybersecurity community, including NIST, CIS, ISO, and IEC.

The CIS Controls are a set of internationally-recognized, prioritized actions that form the foundation of basic cyber hygiene and essential cyber defense.

Information security trends in play offer an opportunity to pivot in order to reduce the resource demands of current security solutions and architectures

Basic cyber hygiene can protect your organization against cyber-attacks. Implementation Group 1 (IG1) of the CIS Controls can show you how!

Following simple online safety best practices can help you avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber attack. Learn simple ways to stay secure at work.

Bill includes the use of the CIS Controls as a safe harbor for organizations adopting cybersecurity best practices.

Microsoft has turned security offerings into a significant source of revenue, with the business generating $10 billion annually.

An automated posture assessment capability for system and application security at the time of deployment can simplify Trusted Assurance.

F5 BIG-IP networking devices are popular across industries and are used by most large organizations, including many major cloud service providers.

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