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Uenuma expanded on cybersecurity concepts like asset management, vulnerability management, configuration management and event management.

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Google Chrome, the most severe of which could allow for arbitrary code execution.

One of the things the Secretary of State’s Office has been doing for the past year is working on election security for Ohio’s voting system.

Learn about one of the CIS Benchmarks Community Volunteers who generously spends some of his time improving cybersecurity best practices for the community.

The webinar will highlight the simplified and effective approach to improving cybersecurity adopted by the new Nevada law.

An important aspect of container security is that you also need to harden the security of the systems that your containers are running on.

Time is running out before Election Day, making it urgent for state and local governments to put new enhancements in place sooner rather than later.

Travel and transportation companies share a common backbone of critical infrastructure and data that are attractive to malicious actors.

Join DBIR Co-Author Philippe Langlois, as he highlights the key findings of the 2020 DBIR and examines the critical insights that inform this year’s report.

To support the implementation of the new statute, CIS is hosting a webinar titled, “How Nevada Can Spotlight its Leadership in Data Security,” on July 30.

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Adobe Bridge that could allow for arbitrary code execution.

89% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed said COVID-19 has been a stress test for every security control and policy within their organizations.

Download the CIS SecureSuite Membership eBook to learn how the integrated cybersecurity tools and resources can help secure organizations of every size.

Download the CIS Hardened Images eBook and learn more about the securely pre-configured virtual machine images.

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July 20, 2020
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