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Billions of people use the Internet every single day, and knowing how to stay safe while using it is vital Always be sure to verify the sites you

Social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat) are used by billions of people each day It's important to

Cyber-criminals can (and do) take advantage of vulnerabilities on every operating system, including Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and distributions of

February 10, 2017 East Greenbush, NY CIS Webcast Addresses How to Protect Personal Info & Data CIS, an independent voice in the field of

Tips to Better Secure Your Wireless Network Change your network name and the default password Encrypt the data on your network Make sure

The healthcare industry is plagued by a myriad of cybersecurity-related issues. These issues range from malware that compromises the integrity of systems.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Mobile Device Secure Keep software up-to-date If a vendor releases updates for the software operating your device,

Laptops have become a vital tool for both business and personal use, and the portability of laptops makes them extremely convenient However, we

ATM skimmers are devices that criminals place over or on ATM machines to steal your card information, including your personal identification number

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Google Android operating system (OS), the most severe of which could allow for remote code execution.

CIS-CAT Lite is our updated free-download configuration assessment tool. With no time-out period, CIS-CAT Lite allows users to assess system configuration.

Security-minded IT professionals can significantly improve their organization’s cybersecurity posture by investing in a CIS SecureSuite Membership.

February 26th, 2017 East Greenbush, NY New Offerings Part of CIS SecureSuite Membership CIS, an independent voice in the field of cybersecurity,

CIS WorkBench integrates the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks communities, allowing for greater collaboration between experts.

Never clearly identify your home network by using your name or apartment number If your home network is named "John Smith's home" or "Apt 2B," then

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