In January 2021, the MS-ISAC observed CoinMiner’s return to the Top 10, while Danabot made its first appearance.

Public sector CISOs face the same challenges as their private sector counterparts, but with the additional struggles unique to working in government.

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center has created a list of End-of-Support (EOS) software dates from 1/01/2019 to 4/2020.

CIS announces a Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting (MDBR) service AT NO COST to all public and private hospitals as protection against cyber threats.

New features available in the CIS CSAT Pro v.1.4.0. include mappings to the NIST CSF, ability to edit assessment details, and more.

Co-hosts Sean Atkinson and Tony Sager welcome you to the CIS podcast Cybersecurity Where you Are.In episode 1 get an overview of what the CIS is, how the co-hosts grew with the industry, and the importance of basic cyber hygiene.

Zero trust has evolved from preventing attacker lateral movement, to a pervasive concept that spans infrastructure, device firmware, software, and data.

Securely configure your Microsoft Azure account with the consensus-based CIS Foundations Benchmarks mapped to Azure Security Benchmark.

CIS is excited to announce the release of the following CIS Benchmarks and updates with the help of our community contributors.

Join CIS Benchmarks Communities and work with a global community of IT professionals to continually create, refine, & secure configurations.

Smart devices need smart security. Read this blog post to learn how you can keep IoT devices secure.

In December 2020, the MS-SIAC observed 4 malware (CryptoWall, NanoCore, Ursnif, and ZeuS) return to the Top 10. Check out the rest of this month's list.

Identfying the five trends of internet security, discussing evidence of change, examples of architectural patterns that scale, and a possible future state.

Tony Sager highlights some of the accomplishments CIS has made over the past 20 years for creating confidence in the connected world.

CIS thought leaders identify cybersecurity trends the world might expect in 2021. Some include a distributed workforce and new ransomware threats.

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