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This is enabled by Albert Network Monitoring, which examines internet traffic and connection attempts on networks owned and run by U.S. election officials.

The report will essentially be a how-to guide for states that want to incorporate vetting such tools when they certify election equipment.

Much of the data nonprofits hold is not obviously commercially sensitive, so it can be easy to overlook the value it can have data for hackers.

The shared responsibility model for cloud security provides clarity on security expectations for public cloud users and cloud service providers.

Work from Home is a viable alternative for many companies, but unfortunately, IT teams weren’t ready for the risks that home Wi-Fi networks pose.

Moving tens or hundreds of thousands of state workers to telework without cutting off critical public services has kept IT security offices busy.

CIS provides a valuable framework for how state and local governments should be thinking about the basic elements of security for remote work.

The report has some recommendations to keep your digital assets secure based on findings with the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls.

What will really shape the future of cybersecurity is our collective decision-making about risk, and what we do about it.

Tony Sager discusses the way that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the cybersecurity market and the cybersecurity industry.

This is a critical moment for government and corporate America to come together to protect U.S. cyber resources and critical infrastructure.

States remain broadly supportive of a cybersecurity grant program, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced government employees to work from home.

Implementing foundational cybersecurity best practices provides peace of mind when moving to the cloud, ensuring that organizations start and stay secure.

The audit recommends that the OSP finish implementing the six CIS controls it was reviewed for and develop a security management and compliance program.

Perhaps you need a new security mindset – one that can focus your resources on what really matters. Start looking at security from the inside out.

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