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As security teams strive to adjust to a new norm for an indefinite period, there are ways to lower the risk associated with WFH environments..

Google has said that the Chrome update will roll out over the coming days and weeks, but you really shouldn't wait for your browser to update automatically.

In 2019, Ryuk was one of the most impactful and most reported ransomware variants in the U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial government sector.

We need to focus more effort on, because it is where the highest risk of a breach will originate from, is within an organisation.

Employees agencywide are taking part in a telework event Friday that allows leaders to test how prepared their systems and networks are.

The contest is designed to encourage young people to think about online safety, cybersecurity best practices, and cyberbullying.

National security professionals are monitoring efforts to counter cyberattacks and foreign disinformation aimed at Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

Going a step beyond best practices, there is also an ongoing need to verify that systems are in fact operating as intended on a continuous basis.

Krebs attributes the bolstered collaboration between DHS and the NSA to “the 2016 election” and “interference by the Russians."

Organizations need to understand what information on their networks is sensitive, and encrypt it, or don't have it on the network in the first place.

Before establishing a cyber hygiene protocol for your organization, it is important to do an inventory of all of the hardware, software, systems, and applications within the organization.

The EI-ISAC helps the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office and election officials in other states to collect, analyze and disseminate threat data.

The attacks highlight how vulnerable local jurisdictions remain despite four years of efforts to shore up defenses in preparation for the 2020 presidential election.

Rather than creating a new password every 30, 60 or 90 days, NIST now recommends you avoid frequent changes unless it has been compromised.

By enabling Windows Firewall with the proper settings, you can help shut out attackers and limit lateral movement if a breach occurs.

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