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Ohio’s top elections official will ask a state budgetary panel for about $1.7 million to monitor county boards of elections for potential cybersecurity threats.

Despite immediately acknowledging the vulnerability and confirming in June that it will be fixed, Google has not provided an estimated time frame for the patch.

The MS-ISAC doesn’t talk about its members or the work it does for its members. Calkin addressed how his organization might help in hypothetical situations.

The smallest organizations that need the most help often don’t have dedicated cybersecurity personnel to dedicate to recovery.

Ransomware often spreads through emails containing malicious links or attachments. More than 1,400 ransomware attacks were reported last year.

Hospitals, businesses, and other networks have for years been targets of ransomware attacks. Now, hackers have increasingly focused on local governments.

Senator Schumer said that he will push for cybersecurity legislation in the upcoming federal budget to provide funds for local boards of elections.

EI-ISAC analysts work with trusted affiliates to conduct research and gather intelligence about cyber threats targeting elections or elections-affiliated systems.

The top concern raised by chief information security officers has been the lack of cybersecurity budget or funding, according to NASCIO reports.

The money for cybersecurity grants is part of legislation that would also require states to collect paper ballots and set minimum cybersecurity standards.

Some argue paying the hackers in bitcoins is a good option because it’s cheaper to pay the attacker, rather than spend a small fortune to rebuild an entire computer system.

Implementation of either STIG or CIS Benchmarks can be a challenge if the process isn’t somewhat automated, due to the disparate requirements.

Beyond configuration settings, a hardened build standard naturally needs to be extended to a software image in terms of installed packages and approved versions, a further key source of vulnerabilities.

The National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) recently honored Nebraska’s Albert sensor work with the inaugural Innovators Award.

CIS Board Member Christopher Painter was honored by the Ambassador of Japan for his work promoting cooperation on cybersecurity between Japan and the U.S.

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