Tony Sager feels the CIS Controls reflect a reality in which most organizations are faced with the same kinds of digital threats.

Connecticut might soon follow Ohio and Utah by enacting a law that offers liability protection against ransomware and other cyberattacks.

The Missouri House bill also requires local election authorities to be members of the Center for Internet Security's EI-ISAC.

The frameworks laid out in the bill are well recognized in the cybersecurity community, including NIST, CIS, ISO, and IEC.

The CIS Controls are a set of internationally-recognized, prioritized actions that form the foundation of basic cyber hygiene and essential cyber defense.

Information security trends in play offer an opportunity to pivot in order to reduce the resource demands of current security solutions and architectures

Microsoft has turned security offerings into a significant source of revenue, with the business generating $10 billion annually.

A recent string of high-profile cyberattacks pushed long-neglected cybersecurity issues to the center of national policy discussions.

F5 BIG-IP networking devices are popular across industries and are used by most large organizations, including many major cloud service providers.

State and local governments need to be more proactive; sharing information about cybersecurity problems they encounter is important.

Colorado’s PAM strategy is one aspect of a cybersecurity program that follows “good hygiene." Tracking and evaluating hygiene leads to benchmarking.

MDBR uses security services from Akamai to proactively look for traffic from domains associated with malicious activity, including ransomware attacks.

There is widespread recognition about the the security shortcomings of enterprise-wide VPN usage, yet there is no clear alternative at the same price point.

Hospitals would be well minded to sign-up for the MDBR service given the increase in threat activity launched against the sector during 2020.

The MDBR service is being offered from CIS with support from Akamai, and can help protect hospital IT systems against ransomware attacks.

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