Data encryption, network hardening, and automated threat hunting provide a basis for defense in depth for healthcare organizations and telehealth in 2021.

One participating state was able to block nearly 500,000 attacks from indicators that appeared in the automated feed during the pilot.

Exploited Protocols: Remote Desktop Protocol, leverages best practices from the CIS Controls and secure configuration recommendations from the CIS Benchmarks.

The pilot feed may serve as a model for other states and local governments to quickly and easily augment their cyber defense capabilities.

School districts only account for about 20 percent of the MS-ISAC’s membership, which recently eclipsed 10,000 organizations.

IBM brings hybrid cloud leadership together with quantum and security research expertise to stay at the forefront of quantum cybersecurity.

The report recommends organizations that use RDP to make sure they’re implementing CIS’s recommendations for a secure remote environment.

The RDP Guide addresses basic cyber hygiene and is intended to assist organizations secure their systems via low-cost, or no-cost mitigations.

The threat is exacerbated by the volume of data generated during the online shopping season, especially given consumer reluctance to shop in-person.

CIS harnesses the power of collaboration from a community of cybersecurity experts to safeguard public and private organizations against cyber threats.

As the MS-ISAC has grown over the years, it’s helped foster a culture of intelligence sharing among state and local governments.

CIS lists 20 “critical security controls” that should be implemented as foundational cyber hygiene, before one's computer system is protected.

Despite fears of some sort of cybersecurity apocalypse during this year's presidential election, federal officials say 2020 had no meaningful interference by foreign adversaries.

Election officials say working in concert with the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on cybersecurity preparations paid off.

Federal and state officials stressed with reporters, social media and in public appearances that the tallying of votes remains incomplete and unofficial.

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