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One area where cities and counties can get better with cybersecurity is by adopting and sticking to a common framework such as the CIS Controls.

Rep. Simmons plans to introduce legislation in the 2021 legislative session to help keep Connecticut safe from cyberattacks.

Shlayer returned to the Top 10 Malware after new evidence resulted in it being reclassified as a Trojan Downloader compared to an Adware Dropper.

Puppet Comply Helps Solve New Compliance Risks Amid COVID-19 Felt By Ninety Percent of Companies.

Web browsers have greatly improved their patching practices around common or popular software applications shrinking the attack surface.

The toolkit follows best practice recommendations provided by CIS, the UK National Cybersecurity Centre, and the Australia Cybersecurity Centre.

The initial key to the effort was regular sharing of intelligence and other security information, plus a reporting structure centered around the MS-ISAC.

COVID-19 has changed business as we know it, and it's important to recognize that complying with PCI DSS is an ongoing process.

Key steps to full device defensibility are referenced to the CIS Controls to help organizations plan and implement an improved cyber hygiene program.

As medical facilities strain amid the pandemic, they’re especially vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Volunteer experts have stepped into the breach.

The EI-ISAC consists of all 50 states and thousands of local election offices as members, allowing election officials to stay connected and manage risks.

Since the service went live in early August, 346 MS-ISAC and EI-ISAC members have blocked more than 10 million requests from malicious entities.

A new partnership has helped launch a malicious domain security service that is available to certain state, local and territorial governments.

The platform allows researchers to analyze cyber-attacks without sensitive information being released.

The election risk profile tool is designed only to review the components of election administration that are within officials’ control.

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