Leviathan Security Group, Inc

Leviathan Security Group is a CIS Security Benchmarks Consulting/Auditing Member and can use the CIS Benchmarks and Audit Tools in its security consulting and auditing engagements.

The following information is provided by Leviathan Security Group and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Center for Internet Security:

About Leviathan Security Group
Formed by recognized security industry leaders with proven track records (including former principals of @stake, Guardent, Symantec, and Foundstone), Leviathan Security Group, Inc. is an information security consultancy specializing in application security design, assessment, remediation, and training. We offer both strategic and technical advisory services targeted at our customers overall risk management and compliance needs.

Leviathan brings more than 100 years of combined security expertise to bear on our customers’ most challenging scenarios, and applies it via a hands-on, solutions-oriented delivery model. Our expertise spans the entire life-cycle of information security, from program development and implementation, awareness and training, assessment and monitoring, to forensic analysis and remediation.

Leviathan’s technical acumen is unsurpassed, as demonstrated by our customers’ loyalty, our extensive published research, and our contributions to well-respected security community projects. Our unique capabilities drive scalable, technology-enhanced consulting services, integrated within a field-tested methodology for project management and quality assurance overseen directly by our executive team.

Leviathan’s consultants are located in Seattle, Atlanta, and San Francisco. We can be found on the Internet at www.leviathansecurity.com, or [email protected].

Key Differentiators
Leviathan’s unique services include capabilities and benefits not available from any other source, including:

Deep experience with information security’s relevance to technology-driven businesses. Leviathan experts have been leading providers of security services for over a decade, including product penetration testing, application security assessments, operational assessments, policy guidance, and training offerings.
State-of-the-art practitioners and thought leaders in software security assurance tools and techniques that proactively mitigate operational and reputational business risk.
Experienced and adept at seamlessly integrating with technology development teams and practices, having worked closely in such environments over many years.
Strong familiarity with security design review, code review, and pen-testing best practices, having performed such work intensively for diverse clientele.
For more information: http://www.leviathansecurity.com