How Can SLTTs Defend Against Cyber Threats?

How Can SLTTs Defend Against Cyber Threats? white paper

Managing cybersecurity for any organization is no easy feat. Improving cybersecurity maturity is often even more difficult, made increasingly challenging by the eye-watering costs of cybersecurity products and solutions.

And when you are responsible for securing citizens’ data as a U.S. State, Local, Tribal, or Territorial (SLTT) entity, those coffers run dry faster than ever. That's because you're facing growing cyber risks, skyrocketing costs for cybersecurity solutions, and tightening budgets.

As a U.S. SLTT, however, you have a secret weapon in your cyber defense arsenal, and if used properly, this secret weapon can strengthen your cyber defenses rapidly while helping your budgets go further, enabling you to better protect your data.

Grants are this secret weapon. Grants from the U.S. federal government, many of which are earmarked specifically for SLTTs like you to use to improve your cybersecurity, stretch every dollar, and take advantage of industry leading marketplaces like CIS CyberMarket®.

In this white paper, the Center for Internet Security® (CIS®) provides an overview of the grants available to U.S. SLTTs, discusses how you can extend the power of your grant dollars in CIS CyberMarket, and identifies some next steps to help you get started.