Welcome to CIS Critical Security Controls v8


May 18, 2021 | 10:00 EST

About this Webinar:

Based on feedback from users around the world and working in a breadth of industries, we enhanced CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) Version 8 to keep up with modern systems and software. Learn about the newly released CIS Controls v8 including its creation, changes from v7, new updates for resources and tools, and more.


Curtis Dukes
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security Best Practices, Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Curtis W. Dukes joined CIS as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Best Practices and Automation Group in January 2017. The CIS Benchmarks™ and CIS Controls™ program provides vendor-agnostic, consensus-based best practices to help organizations assess and improve their security. Prior to CIS, Curtis served as the Deputy National Manager (DNM) for National Security Systems (NSS). On behalf of the Director of NSA, the DNM is charged with securing systems that handle classified information or are otherwise critical to military and intelligence activities.


Phyllis Lee
Senior Director for CIS Controls, Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Phyllis Lee is the Senior Director for Controls at the Center for Internet Security (CIS). She has over 25 years of experience in information assurance and has performed vulnerability assessments, virtualization research and worked in security automation. Prior to joining CIS, Lee worked at the National Security Agency (NSA) focusing on the intersection between malware and virtualization, which included collaboration with MIT Lincoln Labs. Lee also participated in a variety of security automation standardization efforts and led the security automation strategy for the NSA Information Assurance Directorate (IAD). She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a master of science in computer science.




Rick Doten
VP, Information Security, Centene CISO, Carolina Complete Health, and member of the CIS Controls v8 Editorial Panel

Rick Doten is VP, Information Security at Centene Corporation, and CISO of Carolina Complete Health based in Charlotte, NC. Rick supports both the NC health plan and corporate Centene in a cybersecurity leadership role. Previously, Rick worked as Virtual CISO supporting international companies. Rick also developed the curriculum for a Cybersecurity Master’s degree program for an International University. Rick is an avid speaker at cybersecurity conferences, and is a member of The CyberWire Hashtable. Rick is also on the Board of his local ISC2 chapter. Rick ran ethical hacking, incident response and forensics, and risk management teams throughout his 25+ year cybersecurity career. Previously, Rick was cybersecurity practice lead for a private intelligence and security firm, was CISO a multi-national US company, and has held positions as a Risk Management consultant at Gartner, Chief Scientist for Lockheed Martin’s Center for Cyber Security Innovation, and Managing Principal in the Professional Security Services practice at Verizon.



Kevin Klingbile headshotKevin Klingbile
Security Analyst, Black Hills Information Security, South Dakota and member of the CIS Controls v8 Editorial Panel

Kevin Klingbile works at Black Hills Information Security as a penetration tester and security analyst. With over 19 years of IT experience, Kevin spent most of his career performing both red and blue team roles in the energy utilities sector. He also teaches security courses as an adjunct professor. He holds an MBA in Information Technology Management, a BS in Information Technology, and a GSE Certification.