CIS Controls Version 7 Launch Event

March 19, 2018

The CIS ControlsTM are a prioritized set of actions any organization can follow to improve their cybersecurity posture. CIS Controls Version 7, the newest iteration of these 20 important cybersecurity recommendations, launched on May 19.

Version 7 of the CIS Controls was developed over the last year to align with the latest cyber threat data and reflect today’s current threat environment. We recognize that the cybersecurity world is constantly shifting and reacting to new threats and vulnerabilities, which often results in chaos and confusion about which steps to take in order to harden systems and data.

In order to cut through the confusion, we collaborated on CIS Controls V7 with a global community of cybersecurity experts – leaders in academia, industry, and government – to secure input from volunteers at every level. Our public call for comment on Version 7 from January 24 – February 7, 2018 included feedback from a community of over 300 individuals dedicated to improving cybersecurity for all. The CIS Controls best practices are developed using a consensus approach involving discussion groups, forums, and community feedback.

What You’ll Learn:

  • About the CIS Controls and the consensus-based process for development
  • What’s new in Version 7 of the CIS Controls
  • How organizations use the CIS Controls

Event Kickoff:

Jane Holl Lute

Board Member – CIS


Tony Sager

Sr. Vice President and Chief Evangelist – CIS

The Collaborative Community and Key Principles:

Phil Langlois

Controls Technical Project Manager – CIS

Keynote: Controls Evolution and Demand for Training:

James Tarala

SANS Instructor and Principle Consultant – Enclave Security

Keynote: Our Journey with the CIS Controls

Kathy Bortle

Incident Response Specialist – VA Information Technologies Agency


Curt Dukes

Executive Vice President, Security Best Practices Automation Group – CIS


Kelli Tarala

Founder – Enclave Security

Greg Johnson

Vice President – Federal Reserve Bank

Chris Cronin

Partner – Halock Security Labs

Tony Sager

Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist – CIS