Election Security Spotlight – How Does EI-ISAC Help Members?

Your election office can receive emails, phone calls, automated alerts, and detailed security reports as a member of the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC). Each type of communication is designed with your feedback in min, to fulfill specific needs. Written content like the Spotlight you’re reading right now is tailored specifically to election officials. Other EI-ISAC content like the Monthly Cybersecurity Advisory is intended for technical personnel, including IT staff or your cybersecurity vendor.

Election Security Spotlight – How Does EI-ISAC Help Members? inline graphic

Why the Intended Audience Matters

Knowing which content is designed for you can help you prioritize which emails you read and which you pass on to others in your organization. Some election offices have fully staffed IT and security departments, but in others, election officials themselves are responsible for their own technical decision making. It is important to decide who in your organization will take action based on the security and threat data that you receive from the EI-ISAC.

Help the EI-ISAC Help You

By emailing [email protected], you can take control of how you interact with EI-ISAC content:

  • Schedule a ‘virtual service review’ to chat directly with our team and take advantage of service and content offerings.
  • Identify who in your organization should receive specific technical or non-technical content.
  • Provide your feedback and suggestions for content. EI-ISAC regularly incorporates member input in order to enhance digital publication content and design.