EDR Spotlight Module

What It Is

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a no-cost solution that offers device-level protection and response to strengthen the cybersecurity program of election offices.  This service protects computers from malicious activity, viruses, and ransomware. EDR is offered to U.S. election offices in partnership with CrowdStrike, an industry-leading software vendor.

CIS has introduced a module to EDR called "Spotlight." Though Spotlight is a paid offering, it is a low-cost module that strengthens the security posture of election offices. The combined EDR Spotlight solution unifies threat and vulnerability management to gain real-time visibility into exposures, enabling you to proactively respond to and thereby reduce the risk of exploited vulnerabilities.

Why It Matters

EDR Spotlight provides a clear picture of the threats facing election computers in an organization without time-consuming scans.

Election offices can use this feature to:

  • Continuously monitor for any vulnerability on devices in real time
  • Provide cloud-integrated endpoint protection
  • Prioritize where to focus efforts based on the likelihood of an attack
  • Shorten response times to threats
  • Provide complete, simple, and actionable reports

What You Can Do

If your organization is not currently using EDR as a no-cost solution (or a similar solution) to
protect election computers, please contact [email protected].

If your organization is using EDR already, consider signing up for Spotlight to enhance the benefits of EDR at a low cost. Email [email protected] to get started. Share this information about the EDR/ESS Spotlight module with your IT department.

Please note that EDR and EDR Spotlight are specifically for EI-ISAC members. ESS and ESS Spotlight are the same Services offered to all other MS-ISAC audiences.