CommunityForce Uses CIS Hardened Images for its Customers

CommunityForce is a pioneering software and technology firm that architects and delivers cloud-based process management solutions to over 300 public and private sector organizations worldwide. In order to meet the unique security requirements for their government customers, CommunityForce chose CIS Hardened Images.

“CIS [Hardened] Images are continuously maintained by CIS to ensure configuration changes and patches are current and available so it saves us time and money.”
– Khaja Syed, President/CEO

Security in the Cloud

CIS® provided CommunityForce with CIS Hardened Images for Microsoft Windows Server. Hardening is a process of limiting potential weaknesses that make systems vulnerable to cyber attacks. More secure than a standard image, hardened virtual images help protect against denial of service, unauthorized data access, and other cyber threats. CIS Hardened Images are securely configured to the recommendations of the CIS BenchmarksTM, configuration guidelines for various technology groups that are used by thousands worldwide.

“Using an industry standard offers time savings which is a huge benefit of using the CIS Hardened Images. We don’t have to build an image from scratch and then apply additional controls.”
– Waqasul Haq, Chief Security Architect

CommunityForce used the CIS baselines for ease of implementation and to further harden to the DISA STIGs levels, which helped meet their customer’s needs in Microsoft Azure. CommunityForce looks forward working with CIS to build out more options to benefit organizations that demand the highest security standards.

“The CIS images are cost-effective and cover various operating systems which align well with our customers.”
– Jordan Thomas, VP Software and Services


About CommunityForce

CommunityForce, Inc. is a global technology company that offers a full range of service modules, including scholarship management and grants management, to manage every aspect of business operations for philanthropic organizations, educational institutions, associations and other nonprofit organizations. CommunityForce’s solutions offer the next generation of data capture and business intelligence in a fully automated platform to reduce cost and improve efficiency.