Oracle OpenWorld Recap: Autonomous Computing at the Forefront

The CIS team was proud to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2019 in San Francisco this past week where we were announced as one of only ten launch partners for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)! Keep reading to hear from our team about the future of autonomous computing and how that ties into the cloud.

Gregory Carpenter – Product Owner, Cloud Security

oracle_openworld2019Oracle OpenWorld 2019 highlighted autonomous computing. I saw a particular focus on the autonomous database and Oracle autonomous Linux. Oracle highlighted how they use the autonomous database and Linux in the cloud infrastructure. The message resonated through keynotes and in multiple sessions. Presenters stressed how autonomous computing eliminates complexity, human error, and manual management. So, autonomous computing can help create higher reliability, security, and more operational efficiency.

Security and shared security responsibility was another key message at Oracle OpenWorld. With that in mind, we are one out of ten usage payment (pay as you use) partners announced on the new Oracle Cloud Marketplace with CIS Hardened Images. This was a great opportunity for us to share our message about how CIS Hardened Images can help organizations do their part of the shared security responsibility.

Michelle Peterson – Product Owner, CIS Benchmarks

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 provided me the opportunity to better understand Oracle products and roadmaps. From this, I learned how CIS can best leverage that information to meet customer needs. The common theme at Oracle OpenWorld was autonomous computing.

What resonated with me most was the importance Oracle put on security; they’ve established security as the foundation to what they deliver. Oracle wants its customers to know their options. They also want their customers to expect visibility and flexibility in how they use their products.

Reliability and performance are important to Oracle. Aside from sessions, it was exciting to see CIS mentioned more than once throughout the conference. Most notably, there was the launch of CIS Hardened Images on the and the future plans to integrate the CIS Benchmarks and CIS Controls into Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Rich McGraw – Account Executive, Cloud Security

Oracle_Marketplace_Paid_listingsOracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and other core Oracle products will utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate manual tasks. Autonomous computing offers productivity gains while minimizing the risk of human error.

An example of automation is the use of Oracle Enterprise Manager and CIS Benchmarks to manage configuration drift. Oracle Enterprise Manager can compare database configuration settings to a CIS Benchmark. When configuration changes expose security risk, Oracle Enterprise Manager notifies admins.

Oracle’s integration with native Microsoft Azure is a smart move. Oracle and Microsoft customers can split workloads between OCI and Azure. Thus, cloud computing is more accessible.

CIS Hardened Images are now available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can help automate deployment in the cloud. CIS is excited to be part of the OCI ecosystem and enabling next-level security automation with CIS Hardened Images and CIS Benchmarks.

Derrick Soscia – Cloud Security Sales Specialist

Oracle has set their sights on making easy to use and low-cost options for public cloud.  They have a clear focus on ‘customizing’ the cloud to the need of their consumers. There is also some strong momentum building up for the CIS Hardened Images.

Wrap-up: Oracle OpenWorld 2019

The CIS team had a great experience at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 connecting with other cybersecurity experts and cloud professionals in San Francisco. Also, we were excited to be present for the announcement of Oracle’s launch of the pay as you go option on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This new feature enabled us to launch CIS Hardened Images on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Our team will continue to focus on security in the cloud and how CIS can be part of keeping the connected world secure.