Hear from the Experts with these Cybersecurity Podcasts

The selection of podcasts – on everything from gaming to movies to sports – has exploded in recent years. Whatever topic you’re interested in, chances are there’s a show for you.

So what if you’re looking to learn more about an important and complex subject like cybersecurity? Where should you start and whom can you trust to offer expert opinions? At CIS, we’ve not only created our own podcast, we’ve also guested on a few shows that bring valuable knowledge and insight to the cybersecurity industry. In this blog, we’ll share a few of our favorites.

Defense in Depth Podcast

Part of the CISO Series group of podcast channels, Defense In Depth, takes a targeted approach to cybersecurity topics. These weekly, 30-minute shows are co-hosted by David Spark, the creator of CISO Series and Allan Alford, CISO at Mitel. Our own Tony Sager, CIS’s Chief Evangelist, was a guest recently to talk about why security recruiting is broken.

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The CyberCast

The CyberCast is purpose built for MSPs, MSSPs, and IT practitioners. In each episode you’lll learn about a new security control and how it maps to different frameworks. Guests will address its impact, as well as how to build a policy around it. They’ll tell you how threat actors exploit it – via MITRE ATT&CK – and what you can do to defend against it with MITRE Shield. Guests also talk about common mistakes or oversights they see when organizations implement new technologies or processes. Phyllis Lee, our Senior Director of CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) was a recent guest, talking about the first 6 of the 18 CIS Controls.

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Cybersecurity Where You Are

This is the official Center for Internet Security podcast. We couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun! Cybersecurity affects us all, whether we’re at home, managing a company, supporting clients, or even running a state or local government. CIS’s CISO, Sean Atkinson, joins Tony Sager to discuss trends and threats, consider ways to implement controls and infrastructure, explore best practices, and interview experts in the industry. Our mission – what guides us every day – is to bring clarity to these complex issues and help create confidence in the connected world.

Listen to an episode with guest from Panaseer

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