Cybersecurity Awareness Training More Important Than Ever

With many employees working from home, U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) government entities have an even greater need for cybersecurity awareness training.

During ordinary times, people dress in work attire, don identity badges, and pass through building security. These simple routines tend to make them more aware of their surroundings — and more cautious.

When working from home however, things feel familiar and safe, and staff can let their guard down. Even when logged into office systems, they can forget their cybersecurity training and leave themselves open to increased risk.

Cybercriminals have taken notice of course, and are doing whatever they can to exploit this situation.

The Ongoing Need for Cybersecurity Training

Organizations need to offer continuing cybersecurity awareness training so employees remain vigilant. In fact, ongoing security awareness training is an important component of the cybersecurity best practices known as the CIS Controls. The CIS Controls offer prioritized and prescriptive actions that protect organizations from known cyber-attack vectors.

CIS Control 17 advises all organizations to implement a security awareness and training program. It recommends that organizations first perform a skills gap analysis of the cybersecurity skills and behaviors their employees lack. With this information, they can then build a baseline education roadmap to train their employees. A top priority is the ability to identify social engineering attacks such as phishing, phone scams, and impersonation calls.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Options for SLTTs

Fortunately, employees can take online security training at home just as easily as they can in an office. Some of the best training online is available through the SANS Institute, a trusted source for cybersecurity certification and research. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is proud to collaborate with the SANS Institute to provide this training to SLTTs. Now through January 30 eligible SLTTs can receive more than 50% off training.

SLTTs can access SANS’ trusted and effective cybersecurity awareness training program, SANS Security Awareness, with competitive group purchasing discounts! Developed by highly experienced cybersecurity instructors and experts, SANS Security Awareness offers a customizable mix of end user training content to address relevant threats, teach security concepts that are critical to your workplace, and adhere to the ideologies of your organization’s corporate culture. Demos are also available for all versions of SANS Security Awareness.