CIS Controls Volunteer Spotlight: Jackie Krzyzewski



The CIS Critical Security Controls® (CIS Controls®) are cybersecurity best practices created through a unique consensus-based development process. Members of the CIS Controls team partner with volunteers from around the world to determine effective security controls for cyber defense. Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and bring diverse experiences in various technologies and subjects. Together, we learn from each other to share ideas and tips about cybersecurity, defense-in-depth strategy, and risk planning.

Jackie Krzyzewski is the Managing Director of SAM for Compliance Ltd. She has been involved in using, operating, system administration, system deployment, IT management, and system development since 1976. Though not directly a CIS Controls Community member, Krzyzewski has volunteered her time and efforts for eight years alongside her husband, CIS Controls Ambassador Tony Krzyzewski.

In that time, she’s learned that “a combined effort from people with different backgrounds and perspectives produces a better product.”

Along with her husband, Mrs. Krzyzewski promotes the CIS Controls as much as she can.

“ I believe in them and, unlike many of the large, cumbersome best practice frameworks, adherence to this pre-defined set of practical controls will reduce cybersecurity risk in organizations of all scopes and scales,” said Krzyzewski. “They represent the fundamentals of good practice and, as such, should be embedded into everyday IT procedures and processes.”

Quite humble, Krzyzewski likes to work behind the scenes and has contributed to mapping the CIS Controls to the NIST CSF and NIST SP 800-17.1. She also wrote the Acceptable Use Policy, which was used as the foundation of the CIS Controls IG1 Acceptable Use Policy Template. Krzyzewski also contributed content and structure to CIS Controls v7 and v7.1.

“I strongly believe in one ask per Control, as this makes measuring conformance to the Controls much easier than having to assess whether you meet the requirements of this or that.”

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