CIS Controls Community Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin Klingbile

The CIS Critical Security Controls® (CIS Controls®) offer prioritized and prescriptive guidance on how to achieve an effective cybersecurity program. They are developed through a collaborative, consensus-driven effort by members of the CIS Controls team together with expert volunteers from around the world. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and are experienced in a variety of subjects and technologies. Together, we learn from each other as we share ideas and tips about cybersecurity, defense-in-depth strategy, and risk planning. 

One such volunteer is Kevin Klingbile, Penetration Tester/Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security. He’s been working in IT for 22 years and information security specifically for 13 years, having spent most of his career performing both red and blue team roles in the energy utilities sector. Klingbile is also a contributor to the CIS Controls Community as a Controls contributor.

“The security field is always changing, and it is exciting to work with other infosec professionals to stay on the cutting edge,” said Klingbile. “I have learned the balance between generalized guidelines and giving organizations practical advice that they can use to improve their security posture.”

Klingbile served as an contributor for Version 8 of the CIS Critical Security Controls and recently helped with updates to the CIS Critical Security Controls Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Companion Guide.

“Being a part of the CIS Controls team is a great opportunity to get a wide perspective of how other organizations design their security programs. Then the goal is to generalize that information into guidelines that can help others.”

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